crossing the Buruku river, benue state

One thought on “crossing the Buruku river, benue state

  • November 26, 2019 at 6:07 am

    Good experience. great. Unfortunately, account marred by concentration on foreign terms rather than local nomenclature. For instance, preferred to call Gang Mountain as “Chapal Wadi”, a non-native description of the site.
    Also, did not show basic greetings in the local language, but mentioned in a new, though wide, language. No brief history of Mambilla got on the tour or history of special sites? why? You did not get to those who knew. You took up guides who were/was themselves unfamiliar with local sites and language. who used corrupted place names. and who could not tell u historical events about the sites.
    Next time, insist on being guided by a native who speaks both English and the native language. And you will not go beck the same.
    The sites are not properly located too. All the guide did was give u the sight, the visual access and no more.
    But thank u very much for the visit. Make another next time.


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