Top 5 Cities in South East Nigeria

South East Nigeria is a region of Nigeria. It is composed of the following states: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo.

In this article, we’ll take a look at top 5 cities in South East Nigeria.

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1. ENUGU. 

Enugu is the number one city in the South East. It boasts of world class infrastructures matched by few other cities in Nigeria. It is very well developed, hilly, and serene. The fascinating thing about this city is its serenity, orderliness, greenness, and exotic lifestyle.From excellent road networks, clean environment, low pollution rate, a National Stadium, An International airport, most nollywood locations, shopping malls, classy hotels, bars, niteclubs and lounges, a sprawling residential area, huge markets, Industrial areas etc. Its has everything.

Top 5 cities in South East Nigeria

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This city is the leisure capital of South East. It is where you’d find all types of hotels, night clubs, bar, and best night life. Stadium, Standard Library, Shoprite, classy residential area, An International Conference centre,  higher institutions, and many more. There are lots of shopping malls and leisure points. It is a place you go for relaxation and fun. It is very developed. It is greenery. It is serene.

Top 5 cities in South East Nigeria

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This city siting on the bank of River Niger is very developed, although it lacks the class and beauty of Enugu. It is a commercial city so everywhere seems to be occupied by markets and industries. It is here you’d find the popular Onitsha Main Market, the biggest market in West Africa. What it lacks in serenity, greenness, and beauty, it gets it in prosperity and business growth. It’s a very rugged city.

Top 5 cities in South East Nigeria

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4. ABA

This city is the capital Abia State, and very close to Port Harcourt. It is a large industrial and commercial area. Just like Onitsha, you won’t find serenity, beauty, or greenness here. However, you’ll sure find booming industries, commerce, and trade. This area is very developed but not that beautiful.

Top 5 cities in South East Nigeria

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This is the capital city of Ebonyi State. It has grown and developed rapidly in the last few years. The government of the state has put in lots of infrastructure in the city like roads, flyovers, malls, ultra-modern markets, and all. The roads are widely spaced. It is a place you go to enjoy good social amenities, and the comfort of a fast developing city. It is also the center of trade of agricultural products like cassava, palm oil, yam, rice, and so on.

Top 5 cities in South East Nigeria




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