Top Places of Interest In Ondo State

Ondo State is located in the South Western Zone of Nigeria with its capital in Akure, The State which was created on February 3, 1976, from the former Western State is made up of 18 Local Government Areas. Ondo state lies between longitudes 4″30″ and 6″ East of the Greenwich Meridian, 5″45″ and 8″ 15″ North of the Equator. Ondo state is bounded in the North by Ekiti/Kogi State; in the East by Edo State; in the West by Oyo and Ogun States and in the South by the Atlantic Ocean. Ondo State is blessed with extensive fertile soil suitable for agriculture with sub- savannah forest suitable for cattle gazing in the Northern fringes. Vast forest resources, variety of timber species e.g Teak, Gmelina, Masionia e.t.c. Ondo State is the largest producer of Cocoa in Nigeria with other cash crops like rubber, cashew, kolanut and palm oil being grown in the state.
Below are some of the top places of interest in the state

1. Idanre Hill

Idanre Hill is the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in Ondo state. The Idanre Hill, or Oke Idanre is located in Idanre town in Ondo State of southwestern Nigeria. It is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. It resides 3000 ft above sea level and houses a unique ecosystem upon which the cultural landscape has integrated. This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 8, 2007 in the Cultural category.

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2. Ebomi Lake
Hidden in the pristine forest of Ipesi Akoko in Akoko South-East Local Government Area of Ondo is Ebomi Lake. The name Ebomi is a corruption of the word ‘Abami’ which means mystery in Yoruba language. The lake is often referred to as the bottomless lake as the depth is undefined.
It stretches through a distance of about 2km and is about 45m wide, with thick forest canopies subtly camouflaging its steep banks. Although trees surround the lake, it is believed that leaves never float on the lake. No one is allowed to bath, fish or fetch water from the lake as the inhabitants of Ipesi Akoko believed the lake has supernatural powers for protecting the villagers during the times of war.
3. Araromi Beach
Araromi beach is the most popular and one of the best and the most unique beach in ondo state. Located in Ilaje Ondo State, Araromi beach has become an ideal spot for fun seekers within ondo state, the beach attracts visitors and fun seekers from within and outside the state. Apart from swimming, boating, Jet skiing, Windsurfing and Snorkeling, there are other activities that one can engage in the beach.
4. Igbokoda Waterfront
Situated 142km from Akure, the Igbokoda Waterfront is longest territorial water in Nigeria.
The water comes complete with a fishing terminal and offers a choice location for boating, swimming, sport fishing, picnic, boat regatta, diving and lots more fun activities.
Whilst visiting The Dome Akure, Igbokoda Waterfront is also a place you should checkout.
5. Igbo Olodumare
Igbo Olodumare is a forest in ondo State, South-Western Nigeria. The Forest which is located in Oke Igbo is believed to house mythical creatures. It has also been said that the stream in the forest has supernatural powers which helps to prevent evil from entering the village. For Hikers and lovers of nature, Igbo Olodumare is one place to visit and explore while in Ondo State. 
6. Cave of Ashes Isharun
The Cave of Ashes know locally as Iho-Eleeru is located in Isharun, Ile-Oworo, in Ifedore Local Government of Ondo State, the cave is popularly known for its gigantic rocks which vary in shapes and sizes. Although Iho Eleeru is the most popular cave in Ondo State, it is still one of the Less known tourist destinations in the state. For explorers looking for a place for adventure in ondo, Iho Eleeru is a place to go.

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