Top 5 Foods Of The Ijaw People

The ijaws, also known  as Izon Otu is an etnic group  found  in Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Edo and Ondo states of Nigeria. They are mostly anglers which influences their culture. Below are some of their most famous meals;

1. Polofiyai

This is a rich soup made from yams and palm oil


2. Kelefiyai

This a pottage of chopped unripe plantain with fish, seafood or game meat with palm oil. It is also cooked with snails


3. Gbe

The grub of the raffia palm tree that is eaten raw, dried , fried in groundnut oil or pickled in palm oil


4. Kabari fulo

A rich seafood  soup or stew that is eaten with fufu, rice or yam


5. Geisha  soup

This is a kind of soup  cooked with Geisha  fish,salt, pepper and water, then boiled for some minute .



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