As my days in cross river state was coming to an end, i thought of few things to do before my departure, and boat cruise came to my mind. Marina resort was the i felt would give me the kind of pleasure and the feeling i need, i wanted to have the kind of fun that each time i remember i will feel like going back to calabar, calabar as you all know is a great and lively city with a beautiful landmark and and amazing history. I have been to marian resort a coulple of times but i wanted this one to be different, i wanted to engage myself in everything that marina resort has to offer.  we took a cab from where we were lodged at Pride garden hotel  located at Edim Ekong street Eta-Agbor Layout, calabar to marina resort, which was just about 12 minutes ride. Upon our arrival at the resort, as a lover of fun as well as a lover of knowledge, we took a walk to the slave history museum located at the resort. This slave history museum houses the symbols, objects and memories of slave trades which also include that of King Jaja of opobo. After a brief catch of history at the museum, i needed to relax a little so i sighted this awesome and very fine hut made with dry palm leaves where they sell African delicacies. We walked into the hut and ordered a goat meat pepper soup and rice. Wow! it was really delicious and quite fordable.. After the meal we took a walk around the resort, took few picture and headed to the cinema to catch a movie. At the cinema we saw the movie “”. is a movie about a man who was lumped in his wife murder case (an ambitious career woman) after she was found murdered on her wedding anniversary. The movie is very interesting and captivation and it features the likes of OC Ukeje, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Alex Ekubo, Beverly Naya, Kiki Omeili, Tope Tedela and other, i have never recommended a movie to anyone before but i am recommending this to you. i enjoyed the movie and am sure you will enjoy it too. After everything we wanted to go on a boat ride but it was late then, i thought of doing it anyway but was i ready to take that risk? well, i can categorize myself somehow as a risk taker but that kind of risk, i wasn’t convinced enough to take it, life is too precious to be wasted in a sea by that time. Both ride was the only thing i couldn’t do at the resort even though it was tops in my list of what i wanted to do at the resort, i also went to a horse ride but i didn’t get the full dose of it. Marina resort is very serene and beautiful has a lot of thing to enjoy, my day there was fun, exiting and memorable.

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