Independence Layout Enugu

Independence Layout is a highbrow Suburb of Enugu. Located in Enugu North, Independence Layout, was carved out by the post-independence administration of the late Dr. Michael Okpara, the then premier of Eastern Region. Independence Layout was planned to accommodate the headquarters of the three arms of government viz the Executive, the Legislator, and the Judiciary. The official quarters of officers of these arms of government are also located here. The Government House, Enugu, popularly known as the Lion Building is synonymous with the name Independence Layout. With the exception of Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, all governors, administrators (military and civilian) after Dr. Okpara occupied the Lion Building during their time.

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Independence Layout houses lots of Government and private institutions and also home to most wealthy individual in the state. Independence layout which which use to be a sleepy Neighborhood due to the isolating nature of its residents is now seen as the pride of the capital city as it is has gradually taken the glory of New Haven As the Entertainment, Activity and Nightlife hub of the city.
Independence Layout Enugu
Business and Instutions 
Also located at the Independence Layout are the imposing Court of Appeal, the Federal High Court, the Industrial Arbitration Court and other courts concerning the Federal Government. Also located at the Independence Layout are the state radio and television station, Enugu State Radio and Television Broadcasting Service (ESBS), the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Enugu and the foremost Hotel Presidential. Highly placed Nigerians, top brass military officers, all have houses in the highbrow carve out.
Independence Layout Enugu..
Places In Independence Layout
Some of the major Places in Independence Layout include:
  • Rangers Avenue
  • Independence Avenue
  • Pocket Layout
  • Bissala Road
  • Ezillo Avenue
  • Igbo Eze
  • Presidential Road
  • Hillview
  • Ibusa Avenue
  • Ike Ekweremdu Avenue
  • Sulivan Chime  Avenue
Independence Layout Enugu..
Where To Stay, Some Hotels In Independence Layout.
In addition to being the center of government business, it is also being inundated recently by 5-star hospitality businesses and bush bars rearing up here and there. At least, built newly within the layout are five 5-star hotels.
  • Universal Hotel Enugu
  • Hotel Toscana
  • Adig Suites
  • Hotel Sunshine
  • Psalms Hotel
  • Allen Suites Ltd
  • Residency Hotel
  • Golden Royale
  • Olive Gate Hotel
  • Top Rank Hotel
  • Blue Island Hotel And Suites
  • Garden Atlantis Hotel
Places To Eat, Some Restaurant In Independence Layout.
  • Roots Restaurant and Cafe
  • Aarons Signature Restaurant
  • Octopus Chinese Restaurant
  • Bush House Arena
  • Sahara Restaurant
  • Chitis limited
  • Crunchies Fried Chicken
  • Duo Pizzeria
  • Rewind Luxury Place

Independence Layout Enugu..

Places To Hangout In Independence Layout.
  • Enugu Mall
  • Unity park
  • Okpara square
  • Brown and brown center
  • The Base Landmark

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