Obudu Plateau and Mountain Resort. Number One Tourist Destination In Cross River state.

The stunning area of natural beauty Cross River State in Nigeria boasts of one of the fascinating tourist centres in the country, and it is a great place to visit for your next vacation. Located on Nigeria’s southeastern frontier, the Cross River landscape descends precipitously from the Oban Obudu rugged foothills (1000 2000m) of the Cameroon Mountains on the east, into the Cross River Plains (30m) to the west, and down to the Bight of Bonny coastal plains to the south, Coastal mangrove wetlands interlaced with creeks, virgin rainforest on the Oban Obudu hills, Montane parkland on the Obudu Plateau, and derived Savannah on the Cross River Plain, are all parts of the Cross River State vegetation and scenery.

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