Ethiopia Danakil Depression “the beauty within”

Danakil Depression:

The area is located in the Afar Region of north-east Ethiopia near the border with Eritrea. The climate here can only be described as cruel. But against all odds, people do live here. The Afar people call it their home.The Danakil depression shares the Eritrean border on the east of the Tigrian highlands in the North East of Ethiopia. It has been officially listed as one of the hottest and driest area on earth having an average temperature of 35+ degree Celsius.  It is an impressive area of geological fascination, a place dotted with active volcanoes, hot springs, lava lake, salted basins and above all lunar landscapes.  It is a vast unpopulated region that lies below the sea level, it’s the lowest point in all of Africa and the second lowest in the world (second to the Dead Sea in Jordan/Israel. Visiting here is no walk in the park, you need to book a separate tour or drive yourself and thanks to the harshness of it’s atmosphere, people have actually died here when coming unprepared





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