Garden Avenue, GRA Enugu

Garden Avenue is a residential and business suburb within “Government Reserved or Residential Area” GRA in Enugu, It is located in Enugu north local government area of Enugu state. Garden Avenue stretches from Okpara Avenue down to Tunnel Road within Abakaliki Road, Works Road and Hospital Avenue.

Garden Avenue is connected by two major roads with few connecting and internal roads. The Enugu Abakaliki road and Ebeano Tunnel Road are the two major road connecting Okpara Avenue to other part of the city, other major internal roads includes the Works Road, Hospital Road, Club Road, Temple Road, Secretariat Road and Station Road.

GRA Enugu

Garden Avenue houses many Banks including the Central Bank(CBN) Enugu Regional Office, Bank Of Industry and others.

Places to hangout within Garden Avenue includes: Full time Gardens and Enugu Sports Club..

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Hotels and eateries within Garden Avenue includes: Modotel Hotel, Western Bricks hotel, Idyllic Suites and Gardens, Presidential Lodge ”Coal city Gardens”, Chi Delicious, Trinity Cuisine, Nwanyi Nsukka Peoples, Eby Restaurants, Miners Court, Veggie fresh, The Rooftop Coal City Gardens,


Major Places in Okpara Avenue includes:  Coal City Garden Estate, Dream Fm, Temple Avenue, Railway, Dustbin, Subway.

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  • This looks similar to Indian places. I think this post will be helpful for people who want to relocate here.

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    This is such a very informative and helpful post to read most especially to those who are planning to visit or even living in this beautiful place.

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    This would be very helpful for those who are planning to relocate there. Thanks for the information.. ?

  • This avenue seems like the most central place to stay for commercial activities in close proximity to hotels and major road arteries.

  • The area looks good for residential stay. A good opportunity to people in a good suburb. Thank you for sharing it. I found it informative.

  • I had to google where Enugu was but now I know its in Nigeria. It certainly looks like a busy place with lots of opportunities. A very in informative post.

  • Garden avenue seems like it the main thoroughfare in that area with lots of things to do. It looks like it would be quite a fun place to visit and explore. And thanks for all the eating ideas while there.

  • Look like a very peaceful place to live.. Is that Ferris wheel? WOW…
    I have to check your other article about Enugu so I could have a vivid picture in my mind.

  • Very informative post for those visiting. When traveling anywhere it’s great to know where local banks are an where the good food is! Thank you for sharing.

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