4 New Things To Do At Central Park Abuja

CENTRAL PARK-Some new Activities


I’ve posted a REEL about different parts of Central Park in my PREVIOUS posts but I visited recently and lo and behold new activities!

1. There’s now an arcade for kids and those who want to play games on their PS as shown in the first three slides. You have to buy “arcade coins” at the entrance of the main park.

2.They are launching a CycleTrail for those that want to ride a bike, bring your own bike to ride or learn how to ride a bike(kids and adults). The prices are on the Last Slide.

3. They have re-opened the Go-kart Arena. It’s from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 8pm. 7500 (for 7mins). It’s for 13 years and above.

4. The playground has always been a fun area for kids to come and have a great time! The splash water area is my favorite. Please Centralparkabuja look into creating one for adults. It’s not fair ? Every time kids kids kids ? I’m someone’s child!
It’s 2500 per child(plus free popcorn and drinks) Its best to bring their swim wear so they don go home wet.

Centralparkabuja is opened from 10am to 10pm for playground and sightseeing. Other activities are from 12pm. There are so many other activities like Picnic hangouts and there’s a restaurant. I don’t think Paint Balling has started yet. Also can’t wait to see the Water Park when they launch it.

Written By: Hotperidot


Thing To Do At Central Park Abuja

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