Pizzahut Abuja: Best Place For Pizza In Abuja


We recently made a stop at Pizzahut_nigeria located in Jabi Lake Mall. They’ve been in our city for a couple of months now, were you aware?

First off we loved the space, especially the outdoor area, the raffia and plant decor gave off such a relaxed vibe. It’s definitely very instagramable too. This spot actually has two locations in one, there’s Pizza Hut and then a lounge right in front where you can get drinks like cocktails and mocktails etc.

We had the
Traditional Margherita Pizza N3,200
Saucy Wings N2,400
Pepsi N400

We really wanted to try the Chicken Supreme Pizza, we’ve heard a lot of great reviews on this one. However, we stopped by on a Monday and there were no onions available, Monday’s are usually slow days at most spots. Nevertheless, we liked the pizza. We would have liked a lot more cheese though. The crust was nice too. Now the chicken wings tasted better than they looked especially paired with the barbecue sauce. The wait time for food was good, it didn’t take long actually. We spotted desserts on their menu too, thought this was a nice touch.

I personally loved the waterfront view. This spot we’d imagine would come alive in the evening! There’s ample seating space too.

LOCATION: Jabi Lake Mall, by the Waterfront.

Source: Abuja Lifestyle



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