Cafe Dimanche Abuja

Located in Food City is cafedimanche, a cute cafe that opened up sorta recently in our city. This restaurant offers a cafe indoors and a lounge-style spot outdoors with grills etc.

We recently stopped by to check it out.

Dutch Baby Pancakes N3,000
Gourmet Chicken Burger with fries N3,000
Combo Bucket Large N6,000
Iced Strawberry Mint Lemonade N1,500
Tea N1,000

A top favorite was definitely the Dutch Baby Pancakes. It was a first time trying this for us but we loved it so much that we’ll be going back for it. The chicken burger was nice too, the burger patty had a slightly different twist, not the usual fried chicken style. The burger was also garnished with cucumber, lettuce and tomato, this tasted quite similar to a sandwich. The burger while tasty, was hard to eat, really hard. The burger bread was quite soft and moist for the patty.

We also had the Suya combo bucket. We really liked the chicken and beef Suya. However, we had slight reservations about the gas meat, balangu (this could have been more tender) and Naan. The wait time for food could be faster too.

When we stopped by we sat by the large window, there was something relaxing about the way the natural light reflected into the restaurant. We actually stayed longer than we planned. While there, we observed a lot of people ordering breakfast meals such as pancakes and waffles. Based on our Dutch Pancakes, this may actually be their selling point.

The servers were pleasant as well as the manager. We loved that they were open to feedback. We also liked the blue decor of their space as well as the lights.

Have you been to cafedimanche? How was your experience?

LOCATION: Food City Bangui Street, Wuse 2 Abuja


Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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