South East Social Media Week

Introducing First Coal city Connect South East Social Media Week

Theme: “Telling our own stories in our own way”

South East Social Media Week

Social Media
Lets get a clear understanding of social media. Going by simple terms, Social media can be seen as a vital tool for networking and sharing idea’s, and the present age we live in currently seems to be driven by this social micro networking and micro blogging platforms usually run successfully by a few elites. Who in recent years, has proven to be top tiers in their profession, clearly seen in the ever-amassing & teaming youths, dashing successfully into social networking.

So the term social media week, simply is a dedicated number of days solely cut out and organized to offer ample social media activities aimed at promoting social media newbies, elites, influncers and brands, give them the networking tools at subsidised rates, to relax, unwind and as well encourage youth participation in the media marketing sector.

Take the southeast, for example, it is indigenously known for its arts, crafts, and music artistry with mind-blowing tech-themed working socialites who don’t mind traveling out of the shores of the continent to gain access to the ever-evolving trend of the digital market community.

About the Brand.
Firstly its important to note that the CoalCity Connect brand is a brand and media arm of Afro Connect technology and it has grown over the years to become the most influential social media platform in the South Eastern region of Nigeria and also one of the biggest PR brand in Nigeria.

Created in 2014, the brand through hard work and persistence for the good of the nation, grew to prominence as the best online Media Platform. And has made wave as a media publicity and public relations company who project and promote events, individuals and companies etc that exist within the SouthEast region and beyond.

Our huge followership cuts across multiple social media space, with handles like @Coal_city, @TimNigeria, the @Anambrasocials & @Imosocials with over a 100k followers and our reach of over 10 million impressions speaks for us.

As we are tasked with Connecting the entire South East through News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business, Events, Jobs and Tourist Sites. We are your number one South Eastern media platform.

The Event
the event which is held annually was previously called (Enugu social Media Hangout), it is our marquee event to bring the activities of the year to a memorable end. Well enough it brings about One thousand 1,000 attendees every year.

This year we decided to rebrand it to encompass a greater number of the south east region.

South East Social Media Week

So for this year’s coal city connect brand social media week, we have lined up:

1. creators cycle
2. Hoops and jams
3. Hike and Thrills
4. Social media block Party.

Event Purpose:
So its also important to note that the Coal City Connect social media week started off because we decided the best way to tell our stories in our style is by engaging people, and since then it has sparked peoples interest in the event.

The social media week is also an opportunity for indigenous brands and busineses to showcase their products and services as well as networking to boost market shares.

Creators cycle:
This is a round table discussion where social media influncers get to meet creatives and industry experts in media and technology, creative an avenue for profitable partnerships between both parties to break the communication gap between both sectors.

South East Social Media Week

Hoops and Jamz:
This is a a fun, engaging urban sport activity mainly comprised of music, games and Basketball, with great match highlights that offer amazing prices for the winners. Here we attempt to fuse Music and the game of basketball.

Hike and Thrills:
Adventure is the center piece for this years social media week, and the coal city brand will be hiking to one of the tallest water falls in Enugu town. The Ezimo water fall is located a few hours out of enugu town, where we will explore nature in its prestine beauty.

South East Social Media Week

Social Media Block Party:
This would be the grand finaleof the event, which will bw held in an open mucic and fun enviroment. Where the coal city brand will be giving vendors in enugu an opportunity to come, showcase their products , network, have fun and meet with new potentials clients.

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