15th Annual Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2019

Convention time is almost here??

Join Umu Igbo Unite Organization this Summer in Minneapolis, MN!
for the 2019 Annual Umu Igbo Unite Annual Convention! ⁣
Register Today!

DATE and Time: August 1st – 4th at 12 PM CDT

LOCATION: Minneapolis

Annual Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2019

Umu Igbo Unite is a cultural promotion group dedicated to exporting the norms, values and traditions of Igbos. They are the foremost network of Igbo Americans. UIU is inspired by the power of unity in a foreign land. As cultural exchange advocates, they witness the power of diversity and unity of Umu Igbo.
They celebrate individuality, embrace differences and enable learning opportunities by creating safe harbors in which people can come together for mutual understanding and benefit.

For details about the upcoming convention, please visit their website at

Umu Igbo Unite Tristate Mixer

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