Top 10 Most Beautiful Neighborhoods To Live In Enugu in 2024

Enugu Is a big, amazing and simply city with Lots of interesting things to do and awesome place visit. When it comes to beautiful neighbourhood to live in and also, considering the cost of living, environment, security and other factors, there is no doubt that Enugu, the capital of Enugu state is the place to look at. In South Eastern Nigeria, the city of Enugu is the best place to be.

The residents of the city are charming, friendly and welcoming.. The Coal City As it is fondly called provides her residents and visitors with the most Amazing and happening nightlife.

It is a city known for its tranquil and organized orderliness, good transportation systems, good night-life, including quality real estate prospects and segments. As rural to urban migration continues to grow, people continue to make their ways into megacities in search of employment opportunities, better living and good social amenities.

If you are Planning to Visit or Relocating to the city and wondering which part of the city you should stay.. Below are my list of 10 most beautiful Neighborhoods To live In Enugu.

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1. Government Reserved Area (GRA)

GRA is top beautiful neighbourhood you can live. It has all the basic amenities and infrastructure. There are businesses and important sites in this area like Enugu Mall, Government ministries, and so on.

Here, you can get the quietude you need, the greenness, the good roads, the well-planned streets, and many more. From here, you can easily connect to other areas in Enugu or get to the airport or Federal highway leading to other parts of the country.

Another fascinating detail about this area is that it is quite large. There are a lot of areas under it like Golf Estate, Golf Extension, New GRA, Old GRA, Centenary Estate, Abakiliki Road, Secretariat, and many more.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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2. Independence Layout

Independence Layout is the seat of Enugu state government, hosting both the state governor’s office otherwise known as the Lion Building and the state House of Assembly complex. Accommodation and residential houses at Independence Layout is however costly compared to other places in Enugu.

This area boasts of some of the most serene neighborhoods in not just Enugu but the entire country, Independent Layout has good road network and is just downright gorgeous. The neighborhood houses popular nightclubs like Orange Room and Villa Toscana. They are quite famous.

There is no open market in the area as it is purely residential and office areas. Most residents of Independent Layout depend on Ogbete main market to make most of their purchases especially foodstuff. Independence Layout also has some top schools and colleges in its neighborhood.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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3. Centenary City: 

Centenary City in Enugu is a new lifestyle community. It is Popularly known as Enugu Lifestyle and Golf City. This facility which occupies a large expanse of land measuring 1,097 hectares, is designed to offer a lifestyle of luxury, serenity and security.

A public private partnership between Private Estate and Enugu State government, the Centenary City has recorded significant progress in infrastructure development while several off-takers have commenced construction of their building units.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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4. New Haven 

New Haven is a small beautiful neighbourhood on it’s own. Located within the heart of the city, New Haven is one of the beautiful place to reside in Enugu.

New Haven is popular housing, some of commercial startups, joints and inns in coal city.

It is also part of Enugu bubbling with night life. It’s street are filled with liveliest of bars with human movements and activities all round the clock.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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5. Trans Ekulu:

Trans Ekulu is a largely residential, quieter part of Enugu with pockets of secluded gated environments and estates. Trans Ekulu is located in Enugu East local government area of Enugu and lies along the Enugu Onitsh Express way bordering GRA and Abakpa. As mainly a residential neighborhood, Trans Ekulu is one of the most quiet, calm, secured and crime free area. What makes Trans Ekulu so special is that the areas houses relatively equal number of both low class, middle class, upper middle class and high class residents unlike GRA, New Haven And Independence Layout. For visitors who wish to stay in this neighborhood upon their visit to Enugu, there are pockets of hotel in the area. Life in Trans Ekulu is simply easy going and living is safe.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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6. Thinkers Corner

Thinkers Corner is one of the most expensive suburbs of Enugu City and one of the most popular neighborhood.

Located West of Emene, North of New Haven and south of Abakpa, Thinkers Corner is home to Godfrey Okoye University, one of the most prestigious private universities in Enugu State. It is one of the most sought after neighborhood of Enugu due to its serenity and proximity to the Akanu Ibiam International airport. Thinker Corner is a high class neighborhood with pockets of estate and one of the most secure suburbs in the city, making it a perfect place to live.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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7. Achala Layout:

Achara layout is one of the oldest residential beautiful neighborhood in Enugu. Achala layout was created to tackle the housing challenge of the ever growing Enugu city, just like New haven, there is a prestige that comes with living in Achala layout, the area was once what independence layout is to Enugu now and like GRA, Achalla layout is well planned with good road network. One of the best thing about Achala layout is that one can easily connect to any part of Enugu from here.

Top 10 beautiful neighbourhood to live in Enugu

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8. Uwani Enugu:

Uwani Enugu is another beautiful neighborhood.  Uwani Enugu has road axis connecting Market Road – Ogbete – Ogui, Agbani road – Coal Camp and Achara layout axis. Uwani Enugu is the central hub for car dealers in Enugu, the residents of this neighborhood are more business minded and they live a very simple life. Uwani Enugu houses prominent hangout spots and few commercial institutions

Top 10 most beautiful Neighborhoods in Enugu

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9. MaryLand:

Maryland is popular and one of the fastest developing residential and commercial suburb in the city of Enugu, It is located in Enugu south local government area. The Area known as Maryland stretches from uwani, Ugwuaji, Ogui and Independence Layout axis of Enugu city. Mary Land can not be considered as a low class, upper class, upper middle class or high class neighborhood because due to its proximity to other part of the city the area somehow divided itself in such a way that some area can be consider or seen as a high class neighborhood, upper, middle or upper middle. Like the places that are closer to independence Layout, not everyone can own a home there the same with other parts of the neighborhood. For those who wish to have a home in Maryland, Maryland is very peaceful with good number of schools.

Top 10 most beautiful Neighborhoods To live In Enugu

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10. Asata:

Asata is a beautiful middle class neighborhood in Enugu and the most diverse neighborhood in the city as it plays host to almost every ethnic group in the country. The residents if this neighborhood are loving, peaceful, welcoming and homely. Asata is a hive of activities as it host many small business. The Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Eastern shop, Enugu Recreation Club, Ancestor and other are all situated in Asata.

Top 10 most beautiful Neighborhoods in Enugu



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