20 Things to See and Do in Enugu State

Enugu in the south East part of Nigeria is a popular destination for tourists. Enugu attractions ranges from stunning and breathtaking hills to scenic nature trails, Lakes, Forest Waterfalls among others.. Some of the fun things to do in Enugu include going on a hike, boating, mountain biking and attending a hangout. If you are planning a trip to the Coal City, be sure to add at least a few of these activities to your vacation itinerary.

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1. Enjoy the views of Enugu from Ikirike Hill.

The Ikirike at Idaw River is one of the most beautiful hill in Enugu and the most hiked trails in the city, This scenic hills features stunning greenery-lined trails. You can also enjoy breathtaking Enugu city views by following hiking trails to a range of cliff lookouts or camping. While at the Ikirike hill area, also consider visiting one of the oldest settlement in the city of Enugu, The Coal Camp, Aaron Camp or Alfred Camp.

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2. Hike the Iva Valley Trial and Explore the Coal Mines.

Another Enugu attraction, located in Iva Valley is the Iva Valley Mine Trial. This beautiful hike takes you from Iva Valley Camp One to the Iva Valley Last Mine where you can explore the tunnels of Iva Valley coal mine and the massacre site of 1949 and pass through Iva hilltop to Ngwo Waterfall. If you wish to try this trail, note that it’s recommended for experienced hikers. Don’t go solo here but you you must go solo be very prepared or at least go with a guide… You can as well join any of the hiking and tour groups in the state.. like The Mountaineers, Hikerstrills, Coal City Adventurers, TourBuddy, NauticalEast, EbukingTour, Orient Explorers among others.. or you can also contact yours truly Ou Travel and Tour.

3. Go Boating at Nike Lake Resort.

Nike Lake is a favorite Lake of locals and tourists alike and is an ideal place for a family day out. This lake which is located within the Nike Lake Resort is the perfect place to take a picnic to and hang out… Although swimming  is not allowed at the lake, but you have the option enjoying the lake by taking a boat cruise… You can also enjoy yourself by seating by the bank of the lake watching birds or crocodile ?… One thing I have always wanted to do at the lake is to explore the mini island of the lake.

Go Boating at Nike Lake Resort.

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4. Visit the IyiNzu Waterfall in Ezimo.

Iyinzu is believed to be the tallest waterfall in Enugu State, why that can not be argued, I think there are plenty more tall Waterfalls we are yet to explore in Enugu… Anyway, Iyinzu is one place you can’t afford to miss while in Enugu, this amazing waterfall which is located inside a cave is one of the most breathtaking sights ever.. If you are a nature and Adventure lover, you definitely should visit Iyinzu.

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5. Visit the center for memories Enugu.

If you are a lover of history, center for Memories is one place you can’t afford to miss while visiting Enugu, it’s a place to learn about the history of Enugu, Igbo Igbo and most especially the history of Nigeria Biafra War…

6. Hang out at the State Unity Park.

Unity Park is an ideal family-friendly spot, and spending a day here is one of the fun things to do in Enugu with your friends family or kids. This part is located within Okpara Square at the  forest reserve, It has some beautiful sculptures, seasonal mini Waterpark, Beautiful walkways and good seating area. If you are visiting with your kind, they can play in the forest as you relax and enjoy the warm weather!

Hang out at the State Unity Park.

7. Go on morning workout at the Micheal Okpala square Enugu.

Going on morning workout in Enugu is one of the most interesting and enjoyable thing to do in the city as no other place in the country has this amazing workout lifestyle.. Enjoying the best of Ogene music with your friends at the Micheal Okpara Square during the Saturday morning workout is the most fulfilling and fun things to do in the city of Enugu.

saturday morning workout in Okpara Square Enugu

8. Tour the Ezeagu Tourists complex.

Ezeagu Tourists complex is the most visited Tourism Destination in Enugu State, The complex is home to the famous Ezeagu Waterfall and Spring also known as Ogbagada Waterfall, the famous Iheneke blue lake, and the Ihuezi Cave popularly known as Ezeagu cave, Ihuezi Cave is the most popular cave in Enugu State with about 7 tunnels. When next you are looking for places to explore, make sure to put Ezeagu on your list.

9. Explore Nwaekpu forest in Mmaku.

This is one forest a believe should be protected and transformed into a Park. Nwaekpu is another of the breathtaking Forest in Enugu, location the the town of Mmaku. This is one of the Enugu attractions that will appeal to all types of travelers… The forest forest which is located within the valley of the famous mmamu Hill is home to many waterfalls, natural pool, stone bridge, and an ancient religious place. Outdoor adventure lovers will enjoy the range of hiking trails to follow in this forest. If you prefer taking in pretty views and relaxing at the waterfall, the tranquil fall and pool in the forest is sure to appeal.

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10. Go on road trip with bike to Orsu waterfalls in Awgunta.

You can discover plenty of outdoor activities in Awgu Enugu, and going on bike ride is one of the most fun. A bike ride to see some of the prettiest falls will please adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. On this tour, you ride through a range of landmarks, including Ululo, Omoo spring and caves. Along the way, you’ll see lots of hills and valleys before finally stopping to swim in the waters of Orsu waterfall in Awgunta.

11. See the stunning and breathtaking Awhum Waterfall.

Located within Awhum Monastery, you’ll discover the Awhum Fall. This breathtaking waterfall stands at 30 metres tall and is found inside the a cave. A great way to view the falls is on a group or solo hike Adventure tour to the waterfalls Since one can’t drive to the waterfall, you have to hike to the fall, while on a hike to the fall you’ll also get to see and admire the stunning topography of Awhum community and explore the monastery.

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12. Attend a festival in any of the communities.

Almost every community in Enugu celebrate one cultural festival or another, these festival are both entertaining and engaging… If you are visiting Enugu, do well to check the festival calendar of the state to know which Festival falls with the time you are visiting… Some of the festival to always look forward to are… Aju Festival in Ugbo, Igwa Nshi festival in Eke, Odo Masquerade Festival in Ngwo, Ikeji Awgu Among others.

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13. Visit Ululo Lake Ugbo

Ululo is a water body in Ugbo currently being transformed in a park, when completed, it will serve as a training institute for fishing, the park will also house a resort, restaurants, event and entertainment center, water sporting activities like canoeing, boating, kayaking among others… This place is dear to me because it is the first of it’s kind not just in Awgu but Enugu State.

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14. Follow hiking trails to any of the hills of the Enugu or Waterfalls.

Whether you want to go solo or go with a group there are lots of Thrills to follow to a great and amazing Destination, be it the numerous hills of Enugu, her valleys, caves or Waterfalls… One thing is sure, these trails will definitely take you to a wonderful place… I also provide these service in case you need a guide or consult… I am affordable ?

A Fun Day In Nature With SirPee

15. Eat your way around the city, and enjoy the best of Igbo local dishes.

As a Culinary or food tourist, Enugu is one Destination you can’t afford to miss, when it comes to local dishes and delicacies especially that of the Igbo people, Enugu is the capital. From the famous Nkwobi, IsiEwu, to Abacha, Okpa, Akidi, Ukwa, Asaja, Achicha, Ayaraya, Ofe Oha, Agbugbu among others, You might see these other foods in cities like lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc but they can never taste as good as the ones prepared in Enugu, the birth place of good food… Just take a tour of Enugu and enjoy the best if Enugu Culinary culture.

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16. Visit the national Museum of Unity Enugu

National museum of Unity Enugu is another place to learn not just about the history of Enugu and Coal Mining but that of Igbo Nation, our history, ways of life, food among others both colonial and pre colonial time as well as other tribes in Nigeria.

17. Road trip through Milliken hill to Ngwo Pine forest.

Have you ever visited the Ngwo pine forest or taken a joy ride through the Milliken hill before? Well, if you have never done any of those, you should definitely put them on your bucket list, while Milliken hill is believed to be the deadliest road in Enugu by some people, I see it as the most fun place to go in a ride.. Driving through the Milliken hill from Enugu leads you to the famous Ngwo Pine forest, the most photographed place my Tourists in the state. While at the pine forest, you can also take a walk down the valley to explore the Ngow cave and enjoy the splash of water from the Ngwo Waterfall.

Milliken Hill Enugu

18. Go Picnicing with friends at Akwuke sand beach.

One of the outdoor activities Enugu people are also known for aside hiking are Picnicing and food hangout, and among all the beautiful Destination one can go for picnic in Enugu, Akwuke sand beach is one ideal location you should choose, the environment is beautiful and breathtaking, people are also shocked when they see the place and hardly believe it’s in Enugu.. aside going for picnic at the sand beach, you can take a while to the place just to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of nature.

19. Go paintballing with friends.

Oh! Yeah, added to the list of things to do in Enugu is paintballing, there are two arena for paint ball in Enugu that you should always checkout with your friends, one is in Nsukka and the other is located in independence layout Enugu. Whether you are a resident of the city of Enugu or a visitor, always put paintballing to the list of things to do in Enugu.

20. Night out at New Berries Part Enugu.

If you love a Night life activities, new berries park is one great entertainment place you should always visit, their night activities are always entertaining, from the comedy show, to the musics and the dance competition… One thing I don’t really fancy that much are parents bringing their kids to that kind of places, I feel it should strictly be for adults only.

New Berries Park Enugu


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