Top 10 Tourists Attractions in Awgu, Enugu State

Awgu has over the years become a top tourism destination in Enugu State. The hilltop local government of Enugu State is a  blessed with lots of natural tourist attractions like waterfalls, Lakes, caves, beautiful and breathtaking hills among many others.. For tourists who wish to visit Awgu, below are some of the places to visit.

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1. Orsu Waterfall.

Located in the town of Awgunta, Orsu Waterfall is arguably the best Waterfall in Awgu and over time has become the most visited… For tourists wishing to be rewarded with stunning scenery after a winding road trip… Orsu Waterfall is a place to visit.

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2. Ululo Lake

It’s not often that humans create something of such extraordinary natural beauty. Initially, this man-made lake was just a stream and wetland for vegetable but with it’s damming, has become a top destination for tourists. Located in the town of Ugbo, Ululo provides visitors with a certain appeal. While on a tour of Awgu, this is one place you should miss.

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3. Nwaekpu forest.

Located within the Mmamu valley in Mmaku, this ancient religious place is a beauty to behold.. the forest is home to about three Waterfall, a natural stone bridge and a pool.. Hiking to the forest is one adventure you should always look forward to as a tourist.

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4. Isi Iyiakwa Waterfall.

Isi Iyiakwa Waterfalls is the tallest waterfall in Awgu, Located in the town of Isu Awaa. The fall, although shallow has a pool and the environment provides visitors with a calm and peaceful atmosphere that will keep you hooked to the environment.

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5. Isi Iyi Cave and Waterfall.

Among all the Waterfall in Awgu, the is the only place that is accessible by car, Located in umu Obelete community in Amabor Owelli, Isi Iyi Waterfall and cave is a place to visit.. The environment makes it an ideal location to relax, hangout or have a picnic.

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6. OgbaNgwu Valley.

This is mainly for adventurers and experienced hikers because getting to this destination takes close to a hour it it’s usually worth it, the valley is home to two Waterfalls, a natural pool and a cave with lots of rock formation.. located along Ugbo – Obeagu road, if you are looking to wander in the forest and enjoy the beauty of nature, then this is a place for you.

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7. Nwonwo Waterfall.

Located within the valley of Egu Ewee, between Obeagu and Ugbo, Nwonwo is one Waterfall that should be in every tourists list. One of my favorites thing about this destination is not just the adventure it provides but it’s breathtaking pool big enough to contain more than 30 swimmers at once.

Nwonwo Waterfall

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8. OgbaEbi Cave

Not too far away from the famous Orsu Waterfall is the this cave.. stories have it that people have disappeared in the cave in the olden days, and recently animal like dog go into the cave and don’t come out again… Well, if you are adventurous you should check out the cave, I did and I discovered why… Care to know why? Then explore the cave but don’t do it alone.. and please, this is not for the regular tourists, you have to be an adventurers to be able to do so.

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9. Omoo Spring.

Omoo is a revered and sacred spring in Afam Mmaku with impeccable, gorgeous and breathtaking environment. The Omoo spring is home to sacred fishes with healing ability which cannot be kill, a forest believe to harbour pythons. The Omoo spring is surrounded by beautify rock formations and beautiful trees providing perfect shades for visitors to the area.

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10. Obialu ohuu Waterfall.

If you want to go chasing waterfalls in Awgu, obialu ohuu is one place you should visit.
Also located in Afam Mmaku is the Obialu Ohuu Waterfall with the same beautiful feature as that of Omoo, the obialu ohuu waterfall is one of the highest waterfall in Mmaku and the most visited in the town so if you are a tourist visiting Mmaku or Awgu obialu ohuu is a place worthy of visit.

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