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Almatfarms is literally a farm, only this one integrates farming with hospitality and lifestyle. The environment is serene and oh so green! It’s a great gateway spot

When we visited in May this year, Entrance into the farm costs N2,150. Entrance fee is now N2,150 for children and N5,000 for adults. They do not accept cash as payment btw, only credit/debit card, or bank transfers. Food and drinks from outside is also not allowed. They have a restaurant, food prices are quite affordable. We’ll share the menu on our stories.

This entrance fee only grants you access to the farm, a tour of their facilities from their horse stables to the petting zoom. The petting zoo has animals such as ostriches, peacocks, antelopes, tortoise, geese, rabbits, monkeys, ponies. Almat Farms boast of an array of imported horses mostly from Brazil.

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The farm also offers a range of activities such Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Hiking, Picnics, Snooker, Camping, Horse Riding, Quad Bike Riding, Board Games and so much more! It’s not inexpensive ??‍♀️, you have to hold money to enjoy life here. Swipe for the prices.

You can also lodge on their accommodations. Rooms go for as low as 45,000 – 114,000 per night

This spot is a must visit at least for once! Their website is well detailed. You can check it out via their page for more information.

LOCATION: Almat Drive, Kuje

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