Best Restaurants in Abuja

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria is a truly iconic place to be in, with its iconic buildings, tourist attractions and the hustle and bustle of governmental activities, it truly lives up to the title of Capital. If at any time you should visit Abuja, you may find yourself looking for good restaurants to eat in, so today am making a post on the best restaurants in Abuja that you can eat in.

Here is a list of best restaurants in Abuja:


Salamander Café

This restaurant is definitely one of the best restaurants in Abuja, it is a favourite spot for foreigners in Abuja but attracts native crowds as well to its grand self. It is  located in the environs of Wuse II, The restaurant, both the café’s shady outside terrace and in its indoor dining provides a homely feeling making you feel absolutely relaxed and at home. One of its unique facilities is the presence of a small library meaning that guests can browse through some of the books on the bookshelves or attend one of the poetry readings that constantly happen at the cafe. Their menu completely caters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with a large variety of international and local dishes that is sure to make you lick your fingers.


Wakkis is definitely one of the best restaurants in Abuja, and it is one I most definitely recommend you to visit.

At Wakkis, you watch your food being prepared in the open kitchen, which is a unique feature of the place. The restaurant is located in Wuse II and its focus is introducing Indian cuisine to Abuja. They have an extensive menu that showcases dishes from all across India though their menu is strong on much more popular classics like the murgh malaiand tandoori chicken.



BluCabana is definitely worth mentioning on the list of best restaurants in Abuja. It offers both indoor and outdoor dining with the latter along with the outdoor being near a pool’s edge. Their menu mainly consist of foods  with a strong Lebanese influence, they have an extensive menu that includes pasta, various salads, sandwiches,  and many delicious barbecue dishes which include fish suya, a Nigerian favorite dish which consists of grilled skewered meat coated with a lot of spices.



This is a restaurant worthy of mention in the list of best restaurants in Abuja, it is located in the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, and boasts of amazing interior decor, all of which makes it the perfect setting to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Nigeria. They offer a variety of local dishes using classic ingredients popular in Nigerian food such as oha soup, yam porridge and goat meat, at the buffet though the guests can also choose from a variety of continental dishes.


The Charcoal Grill and Restaurant


This is another one of the best restaurants in Abuja, situated in the Aminu Kano Crescent, in Wuse II. It boasts of a modern decorated interior, consisting of an indoor hall, and an outdoor covered terrace. As its name suggests, it is famed for its grilled dishes especially the chicken. It is also open for breakfast menus when it offers lighter local delicacies such as grilled plantains, popularly known as bole.


Vanilla is another restaurant that deserves mention on the list of best restaurants in Abuja featuring different cuisines around the world. Some of their dishes include appetizers like peanut chicken kebab and spring rolls alongside international main dishes the coconut chicken curry and Jamaica jerk chicken, which I recommend you should definitely try. Some of their more African dishes include ofada rice, with tomato and pepper sauce, and jollof rice, to go with either chicken or prawns.



Another worthy mention on this list of best restaurants in Abuja is Jevinik; this restaurant prides itself in being part of a group of restaurants with ten branches spread across the biggest cities in Nigeria. They have a rich variety of local dishes, which is clearly illustrated on their menu; in Jevinik, they combine the richness different local cooking styles with various continental options. The restaurant possesses a large dining hall with rustic decor.

Dunes Continental

This restaurant is located in the Maitama district, Abuja. The restaurant is but one of the many features in the Dunes Centre that encompasses a selection of stylish quality shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants. In all of these Dunes Continental restaurant stands out as an elegant eatery and is one of the best restaurants in Abuja City. It is Decorated in the interior with beautiful tables and chairs and warmed by soft lights reflecting on the exquisite wooden decor. Its dishes are predominantly Middle Eastern , though the menu brings together a fusion of flavours from all across the globe. The best dishes I recommend there are the fattoush, kibbehsujuk and the Provençal wings.

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