Ocean Basket Naija


Love spots that choose a niche and Oceanbasketnaija stick to it and are one of those??
Not like some other places that add Ocean in front of their name with a funny looking menu (IPNTS for now?).

Ocean Basket Naija

First slide is the family platter made up of calamari, jollof rice, 12 prince prawns and 4 portions of hake fish. Absolutely loved this and it represents such great value. The calamari and jollof (just hidden underneath) were lit?? and certainly wish we could have had some more. Would have liked a little more spice from the hake but that’s nitpicking really. This was really good.

Ocean Basket Naija

Second slide was the prawn maki.?? This didn’t quite hit though. I won’t claim to be the sushi expert (still learning there) but the futomaki (fourth slide) was much better. Even with the sauce, could barely eat the prawn makis. Apologies for the futomaki pic. Was so good I just had to start digging in and forgot to take a picture first.

Ocean Basket Naija

Fifth slide is a Mojito ?(name was actually Mojito Carafe which I had never heard of before. Felt a bit grainy though.

Sixth slide is a Bailey Shake?. I mean I know this was kind of cheap so I understand the blandness but it won’t have been bad to have some things added to it, even if the price is increased. Some toppings like nuts, cookies would have really made it pop but was a decent enough drink still.

Ocean Basket Naija

Fair enough ambience, really friendly staff and sizeable parking space, Oceanbasketnaija is definitely one of the best spots in Lagos if you’re looking for great seafood. We’re not as hot on them for sushi though.

?: Oceanbasketnaija
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit✅

Ocean Basket Naija

Family Platter: 15,850
Maki Prawn Roll (6 pcs)- 2,200
Futomaki (6 pcs)- 3,500
Bailey Shake- 2,000
Mojito Carafe- 2,000

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