List Of The Best Restaurants in Lagos

Lagos is truly the tourist pearl of Nigeria and is its capital in many things from entertainment to Music and so much more. Today am going to be telling you about the best restaurants in Lagos

Minibees Bakery

This amazing restaurant in Lekki is a confectionary themed restaurant. Located at Cinnamon Gardens in Lekki 1 in the same place as Shoppers Delite and Etisalat. There’s good parking inside the compound and around 3 spaces outside.

The inside space at Minibees is very cool. There’s likewise open-air seating. Minibees sells mostly   baked goods and breads


La Taverna

This is an eatery and bar situated at 48, Balarabe Musa Crescent in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a fabulous decision for the best café with live band exhibitions in Lagos. It is known for their amazing pizza which many can vouch for similar to the best in Lagos.

Some of their amazing meals include incorporating Fritas De Atun – N1500, ham, Fettuccine Al Pesto – N2000 and Mushroom Pizza – N2000. Beverages and assorted drinks cost around N900. This is quite reasonable considering the way that a regular box of pizza for two, won’t take long to fill your guts. There is likewise a ‘huge Pizza lobby’ which goes for N3000 and is very considerable if you compare it to other restaurants in Victoria Island.
They additionally have extraordinary mark Italian and Spanish and Chilean suppers, something very special in restaurants in Victoria Island. La Taverna ensures extraordinary quick bites at reasonable costs. It’s a really cool spot, to hang out on a Saturday night and eat great food all on a budget; it’s also one of the best restaurants in Victoria Island.

Yin Yang Express

It’s a Chinese restaurant in Lekki; the food is delicious, cheap and very well prepared. A plate of fried rice and shredded beef is around N1500-N2500 and the servings are reasonable in size. The customer service is also top-notch and the atmosphere is calm.



Do you love Asian food? Head over to Izanagi eatery, it’s the best luxury restaurant in Victoria Island to get Asian food. With a marvellous, modern Japanese cooking, Izanagi is one of the best places for awesome food assortments. With an enormous assortment of dinners running from noodle dishes, shrimp dumplings, plate of mixed greens to marinated steak dishes, teppanyaki and obviously sushi, the absolute best Japanese flavours are made at Izanagi. At whatever point you long for Japanese food in the best restaurant in Victoria Island.  Izanagi is a place to learn Japanese culture.

Crest Lounge

There is space for parking outside in this restaurant in Lekki. There’s indoor and outside seating.  The service in this restaurant in Lekki is amazing, the way the staff treat the clientele is totally amazing and the service is also amazing. Smoking isn’t permitted in the indoor space of this restaurant and the open air space is an arrangement like a lager parlour with tables and seats.

It has no written menu but I rate it as one of the best restaurants in Lekki

Bay and Ruts Restaurant

It is one of the latest additions to the plethora of new restaurants in Victoria Island. If you desire a new world-class restaurant, evaluate Bay and Ruts Restaurant. Located at Idowu Martins Victoria Island, the Bay and Ruts is a top-notch cheap restaurant in Victoria Island at the heart of the Island. The eatery offers contemporary and conventional dishes prepared in a legitimate and tasty manner. this calmly exquisite eatery makes way for an unrivalled gourmet eating at a restaurant in Victoria Island. Here, you can unwind, make some great memories, and appreciate an incredible supper.

Owanbe Mart

This restaurant in Lekki in the road directly after Ice Cream Factory on Admiralty Way. Once on that road, Owanbe Mart is easy to locate.

All things considered, Owanbe Mart resembles one stage over a beak. I state so because space is composed and you don’t generally observe the food being cooked which is amazing


There’s sitting space accessible right by the water. I thought this was extremely pretty although I may advise you to watch your back in this restaurant in Lekki, the security detail isn’t very strong, you could be mugged. It also offers free cash washing spot so you can get your car washed while you eat your meal at this restaurant.

They offer puff-puff; you will be shocked at the price of the food so we chose to get a plate of food. I was shocked at how modest the food was! You Get

Jollof Rice – N100 per spoon

Moi – N150 per wrap

Ofada Stew with Assorted Meat – N200 per serving

Meat – N100 per piece

Plantain – N100 per serving

Fanta Bottle – N70

Puff-puff – N10 each


Delta Pot

Delta Pot is a restaurant in Lekki  that its motto is”Carrying Niger Delta to the individuals of Lagos.” They offer delicacies like Owho and Starch, Ukodo, Banga Rice, Real Coconut Rice, Okra/Egusi Pepper soup, Pepper Rice Banga and Starch, etc

There’s space for parking for up to 3-5 vehicles. Road parking is accessible, you might wanna watch out for the Police signs so you don’t park your car in the wrong place.

The stylistic layout is amazingly good and classy. The place is not too bad and there’s outside seating. No smoking inside the restaurant, it’s the best cheap restaurant in Lekki however one can smoke outside. One of my fav things about Delta Pot is that it is very cheap and cool at the same time. I was  appreciative for that.

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Written By: William Nwokoji



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