Echefula: The Iva Valley massacre


Echefula: The Iva Valley massacre

On 18th November 1949, over 21 coal miners were brutally massacred while more than 50 others injured by the British Colonialists for protesting against poor working/living conditions and to demand for better wages. 70 years after, the people of Enugu have not forgotten.

Come November 16th, We will all be gathering at the Enugu Sports Club to commemorate the massacre of the over 21 coal miners in the Iva Valley coal mine, Enugu. The Group known as Center For Memories @cfmemories will on Saturday 16th of November host a memorial tagged ECHEFULA, to mark 70 years of the Iva Valley Coal Mine Massacre which took place on Nov 18, 1949.

Echefula: The Iva Valley massacre

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Among other things, The memorial will also be a chance for the retired coal miners and the host communities to share their stories, of the massacre and the aftermath. Be there to learn, ask questions and contribute to the conversations.

Echefula: The Iva Valley massacre

Remember: The Event is on Saturday, 16th November, 2019

Venue: Enugu Sports Club

Time: 2:00 Pm

For more information about the event, you can get in touch with the organisers via their twitter handle @cfmemories

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