Foodopolis Bar and Restaurant Enugu

Have you been seeing this spot everytime you pass fire service??

Here’s @foodopolis_enugu an amazing and aesthetically pleasing spot. It’s giving everything it should be giving!
This place consists of a Bar, Restaurant, and a Garden.

Foodopolis Bar and Restaurant Enugu

The restaurant is so gorgeous and colorful! This is one spot for dates too
They serve a wide range of dishes but unfortunately the other day they were not completely available.

So, I had
– Chinese rice with chicken N4,000
– Rice with curry sauce N3,500
– Mexican rice with chicken N4,000

Foodopolis Bar and Restaurant Enugu

The food here was nice! The Chinese rice is definitely my favorite. I specifically asked for extra spice in my chicken and I was happy I got exactly what I wanted and how I liked it. So, yeah the sauce was all delicious.
You should check them out

And yeah to add, they also have a more private dining room there at the restaurant.

There was nothing happening at that garden but guyss, that garden can be used to do a lot of stuff (Just chill with friends, go there with your partner and have amazing conversations) there is a swing there so you get the vibes yeah?

The bar space is one place I also liked. The whole wooden aesthetic and paintings here is beautiful. There is a snooker board there so you get to play with friends and of course I did too ????

Foodopolis Bar and Restaurant Enugu

Just incase you’ve been wondering what that spot opposite fire service is… this is it and I’ll highly recommend. I definitely will be checking out what the vibes at night looks like.

LOCATION: 261 ogui road, it’s opposite fire service, Enugu.

As always do tag @exploring_enugu when you visit

Written By: Exploring Enugu 


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