Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

Ibachi is probably the best Chinese restaurant in Ibadan as they have received lots of awards regarding that, it’s located at New Bodija, Ibadan; a great location if you ask me.

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

The ambiance is a contemporary setting and very cozy, it replicates most Chinese restaurants in Lagos although the lighting isn’t that great probably because I’m not a fan of warm lights.

Most of their meals are best served for groups in terms of price and I see that’s why most of their seats are arranged for a group setting with large tables.

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

The food was delicious, and they are affordable and true to sizes, unlike most Lagos restaurants that serve a small portion and call it medium size.

I enjoyed my meals especially the dumplings, funny how I enjoyed it more with mayonnaise instead of the sauce that came with it.

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

The beef fried rice was perfectly made, same with the Singapore noodles but I didn’t enjoy the sweet and sour chicken sauce, I felt I should have ordered something else probably because it is not what I had pictured in my head.

The ambiance looks choked especially with all the group setting chairs, I can imagine how choked it will be when every seat is taken.
Also, don’t like the fact the restroom is on the ground floor of the building; the convenience isn’t convenienting????.

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

Do you know one cool thing i saw they had was a table buzzer. Each table has a buzzer for you to press and call the waiters’ attention and they know which exact table is ringing for their attention.

Overall a great restaurant and will recommend, ideal for dinner dates, family hangouts, reunions, and any other gatherings that involve groups.

Ibachi Restaurant Ibadan

What I had:
Beef Fried Rice (M) 3100
Singapore Fried Noodles 4400
Sweet & Sour Chicken (M) 4300
Shrimp Dumplings 2600
Water (500) The cheapest I’ve spent on the water in a fancy restaurant and it was 1 Litre!

Other taxes excluded.

Written By: Faithreviews


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