Honey Restaurant, Wuse 2 Abuja

? Chocolate Mall, Wuse 2

I usually visit Honey in the night as it’s an amazing ‘vibes and chill’ spot. Of course there are places that people have tagged as “night spots” and “day spots” in Abuja but Honey can definitely be both!

Their meals are really delicious and every meal we had was a hit back to back. I couldn’t even decide my favorite. They were that good.

We had the:
Orange Chicken- N5000
Honey Special Rice- N3000
Hot & Spicy Chicken – N4000
Sweet & Sour Chicken- N4000
Fajita- N6000
Penne Al-Vodka- N5000
Lettuce Wrap – N2500
Burger -N4000

I love the ambiance at Honey. Fine dining on the inside, rooftop lounge vibes on the outside. Best of both worlds. ??

Drinks in the post:
Blue Haze – N4000
Black Death – N4000
Kamikaze – N4000
White Lady – N4000

The burger was so huge. I was impressed by how big and juicy it was. The bun was slightly crunchy on the outside and soft inside, just how I love it with the cheese melting over the meat.

The Penne Al-Vodka was so yummy. I loved how the chef infused the alcohol , gave it the kick it needed to be amazing.

First time having the Lettuce Wrap and I really didn’t know what To expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Same as the Fajita.

The Sauce that accompanied the Honey special fried rice was really nice. That was another big hit.

All in all it was an amazing experience. There was not one complaint about the food. I really hope they maintain this standard.

The only thing they need to work on generally is their service. While some were welcoming, others really didn’t try with the attitude. I hope that has been looked into.

Review By: Hotperidot


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