My Hiking Experience in Nigeria by Samuel Kolade

What’s my hiking experience like? Let me tell you a story. Coming from Lagos, I have been hearing non stop about hiking in Abuja and all the thrills of going on a mountain top and surveying the scenery, but I never thought going on a hike could include waterfalls and caves and i certainly didn’t think i could have an amazing experience at a waterfall like karu waterfall.
Initially i had planned to skip it due to the heavy rain that Morning but i found my way to karu and i had a blast.

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My Hiking Experience in Nigeria by Samuel Kolade

The terrain was mountainous, but it was great because @happytrailsng gave me a partner who kept my company while navigating the valleys and mountains of karu inside the drizzling rain till we got to the fall itself.
The waterfall is breathtaking. Surrounded by mountains, you couldn’t help but notice the water gushing out from different angles… it was indeed a surreal experience for me.

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My Hiking Experience in Nigeria by Samuel Kolade

One of the memorable events that day was the videos we made while climbing. Whenever I scroll across it on my phone, it brings smiles and endless joy to me. karu indeed was a great experience and i am very grateful to Happy Trails for making my first waterfall hike memorable and for taking precautions to ensure our safety.

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I recall having fears of slipping on the rocks but total precautions made it a seamless event devoid of injuries..
I know I will never forget Karu waterfall. I met my girl there ?

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