Never Felt So Alive: Hike to Mmaku Hills and Waterfall

So yesterday I went on a hike to Awgu Waterfall and Hills, a trip organized by @thehikerstrail

It was by far one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had in a loooong time..

Hike to Mmaku Hills and Waterfall

Gorgeous hilltop views, a sacred freshwater stream, a splendid waterfall, and a diverse company of smart, good-natured Enugu adventure-seekers. Seriously what more could I ask for?

A Trip To The Beautiful Mambilla Plateau Of Taraba

The views were so amazing and I really wanted to capture them from every angle. So I took pictures. Made an urban sketch with initial ink, added watercolours at home. Still doesn’t do it justice. This is definitely a see-for-yourself experience.

Hike to Mmaku Hills and Waterfall

Enugu Hike and Hangout With Hikers Trail at Ngwo Pine Forest

I came to get inspired and collect vis dev material. Climbed two hills on an empty stomach. Got drenched in the rain. Ate the weirdest abacha and got high on great palmwine. And I’ve never felt so alive. 

When‘s the next trip @thehikerstrail??


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