Overall Winner of Life In My City Art Festival 2018 and the winning Art

Behold Ifedilichukwu Chibuike:

Overall Winner of Life In My City Art Festival 2018

Ifedilichukwu Chibuike won Overall Winners Price Life In My City Art Festival 2018.

An art enthusiast with a passion for exploring myriad forms of creativity, Ifedilichukwu Chibuike (HND Graphics) was born in Enugu in 1986 and spent most of his childhood in Akwaeze-Anambra, Nigeria; with her grandmother who inspired his art with her advocacy of peace. He is a multidisciplinary artist who uses art through performance and installations to experiment unconventional media. In his role as a core art environmentalist, he strives to find the beauty and value in discarded and abandoned waste to address contemporary societal issues to optimistic symbiotic of human existence. He has participated in several exhibitions both internally and offshore.

He is the founder and art director of the Student and Teachers Art Festival; the winner, Red Cap Zero to Hero Challenge 2019, Hero Lager Nigeria; the overall prize winner of the 2018 Life in My City Arts Festival, Enugu; Second position, Photo Competition 2018, (Flower/Plant), Open Day For Gardeners, Lagos; winner of the maiden edition, Sterling Bank Recycle Art Competition 2017, Lagos and the best corps member of 2015 State Governor’s NYSC Honour Award, Government of Enugu State Nigeria.

LICAF 2017

Behold, Enigma

Life In My City Art Festival 2018 winning Art

Installation/Performing Art, 5X6ft, 2018 by Ifedilichukwu Chibuike won Overall Winners Price – N500, 000, Life In My City Art Festival 2018.

Medium: Rope, Wools, Long Play Records, White Pull Knob, Cropper Wire.

Description :The word that best describes the impunity in the nation is “enigma”. Life is a right of all humans and the quest for survival had introduced terror to human existence. In this work, the symbolic staff of peace is replaced with weapons that lead to mysterious and tragic things happening in our society today, especially the unjustified killings. The long play records depicted in human head forms, facing upside-down using red wool and plastic cork with white pull knobs, show the killings over record of time. The counterfeit money in the bag with twisted rope that form embryo in the cow stomach and tied on a human neck portrays enigma. The woven white pull knobs depict the symbiotic nature of human race.

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