Presenting Abuja’s Best Kept Secret: Crush Rock Mpape

When I first heard about this place on the streets of Instagram (Prettyabuja Abujacitytourist), I just knew I had to go and visit!

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We navigated bad roads, agberos and human faeces, to get this view but it was worth it!

My Tips
1. Use First Bank Mpape as a landmark on google maps to get there
2. Don’t drive, use public transport. Take a bolt, stop at the First Bank, then take a Bike to the location. The bike fee is N100
3. Don’t go alone, the place is somewhat quiet. Don’t go late in the evening. The weekdays seem to be less busier.
4. Take some change to settle the agberos in the area
5. It’s a great view and atmosphere but you might not be able to eat there, well unless you have a strong stomach. So forget food
5. Take as much pictures as you can and tag #seeabuja

Fun Fact about Crush Rock Mpape

I was informed this this place used to be a rock quarry site until the water came in ?. And it’s actually been this way for several years!

P.S. I documented my trip there in a video, check it out for more tips, the journey there and all you need to know (link in profile)

Have you heard of Crush Rock? Have you been there? Are you considering going?

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