Picnic at National Children’s Park and zoo, Abuja

So it was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday. The perfect weather for hanging out with these beautiful amazing bloggers Waka_waka_nnenna Seabuja Abujafoodplug Winnieahupa picnic style.



The National Children’s Park & Zoo is the perfect spot for a picnic! It’s a beautiful, QUIET, serene and relaxing environment. And you only N400 as an adult and N200 for each child you have. You really don’t have to break bank to enjoy a nice picnic in Abuja tbh.



Special thanks to our sponsors for the picnic:
Whitneys_fnc provided us with pizza and small chops. I have to say it’s been ages I had delicious well spiced pizza and this was a hit!! It wasn’t even so hot (don’t think bloggers eat hot food cuz their too busy taking pictures ?) but it was so spicy and sweet!! The small chops was very tasty and also well spiced.
The Spicy beef Sura Pizza is N3000 while the Small Chops Platter is N6000.



Downtowngrillng gave us their absolutely delicious well seasoned chicken combos(chicken with yam, fries and sweet potatoes). They know what they are doing because I kept digging in for more.
(Wings and potatoes = 1850.
Wings and yam = 1850.
Lap and fries =2050)



I was late to the party so I missed out on the group shots but my girl Princessaudu took nice pictures of me ☺️

Have you been to the National Children’s Park and Zoo? What was your experience like?

written By: Hotperidot

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