Splash Water Park

📍 directly opposite Games Village Gate, Kaura District(google map is accurate though)

As the name implies, Splash Water Park is a beautiful water park opposite Games Village in Kaura.

Zane loves water so much and I knew he would be in heaven if I took him here and boy, was I right! He enjoyed every part of the park immensely and didn’t want to go home again.

They have 3 spaces for kids to play in and with the water, a side for kids birthday parties, mini events, kids picnics etc The park is very clean and safe for kids especially the water park areas with a lot of life guards on duty.

If you have someone escorting you to watch your kid(s) it will be best for the person to also come with a swim suit as they won’t allow you enter without the right attire.

Splashwaterparkabuja is such a beautiful place for kids to come and have fun while you can sit and watch them.

Entry fee for kids is N3000 and it covers all the water park spaces. If you book online you get a 10% discount.

Zane really had a lot of fun here and we will definitely be coming back.

Have you been to Splash Water Park?

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