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I’ve always wanted to check out this restaurant but never got a chance until the recent “restaurant week” via @lostinabuja12.

Tartarabuja is a beautiful restaurant in Wuse 2, The space gives you two dinning areas. There’s the outdoor which is really chilled at night and very casual, actually my favorite part of the restaurant. The indoor space is more of a canteen vibe, very simple. I loved the wooden aesthetics and the beautiful drawing at a corner, perfect for a photo backdrop.

Since it was a set menu of 10,000 exclusive of Vat/service charges. We had;

1). Fatoush: The veggies were fresh but the whole salad was way too tangy for my tastebuds,the lemon juice overpowered the entire salad, the chef was also quite stingy with the cheese.😭.

2). Stuffed Plantain with coconut rice: This was really tasty, I enjoyed the stuffed plantain especially, the beef inside was really delicious and had the perfect crunch. The rice was also nice.

3).Greek Yoghurt and Granola: I must confess when I saw this on the menu I was excited and expected a huge or average jar of yoghurt but I was miffed when I saw the size, I dare say it was 1and table spoon of yoghurt.

Overall I must say the restaurant is a tad overpriced and portions aren’t great especially since it’s a cantina kind of dinning, if they’re going for a FIne Dinning then I suggest they change their entire decor especially their chairs inside.

Customer service would have been ok if not for an unfortunate staff that came to tell us to get up from a particular seat that another customer wanted to sit there, I called her bluff and she ran with her tail btw her legs😒. I must add that I saw a lady, most likely the owner, going around and trying to make sure diners were comfortable and I was really impressed with that.

Have you been to Tartarabuja? It’s a cool place for casual dinning and hangout with friends. Make sure to hold enough cash to avoid washing toilets.

📍5 Sorotona close, Wuse 2. Tartarabuja

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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