THE PALMS by La Terre

THE PALMS by La Terre:

This is a luxury hotel located in central area. Here are some of what you’ll find there.

1). The Kenel: a pretty restaurant located inside the hotel, meals are surprisingly affordable.

2).The pastry shop which you’ll fine at the entrance, prices on the menu start as low as 600.

3). Salon/spa


5). Rooms/Suites: Rates start at 70k a night, swipe to see pricelist

Favourite part of the hotel for me has to be the lobby. It’s very pretty and classy. A beautiful place for photoshoot as well.

My only concern is maintenance, if you’re using white paint for your property, be ready to maintain it. Best to pay attention to every detail.

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📍Inside Tropic Galleria, by Grandsquare supermarket. Central business district.

Written By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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