Cakehut Cafe, Abuja

Nestled in the corner of Riverplate Park lies this cafe called the Cakehut. I discovered this spot about three years ago when it was one of the hottest spots in town. Who remembers?

I visited last November and there was something different about the place. I can’t put my finger on what changed ??‍♀️

The ambiance is still quite beautiful and artistic, I especially love the intimacy of the first spot with the couch.

I ordered a latte and it was alright. A lot of items were not available on the menu when I stopped by, perhaps it was a slow day. Cakehut as the name implies was or should I say is known for amazing cakes especially in the jar, I don’t believe this has changed, at least I hope it hasn’t.

Location: RiverPlate Park, it’s right besides Junk Yard

Ever been to Cakehut_ng what did you think? What did you order?

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