Things to know About Mmaku

Mmaku is a town located in the southern part of Awgu local government area of Enugu State, south eastern Nigeria. Villages that make up Mmaku Includes: Ezioha, Enugwu Agu(Enugu Mmaku), Affam(Agunese), Ifite, Okwuluofia, Otokwu, and Amegu. Mmaku is connected by two major roads, The Oji-Awgu road and Ugbo-Mmaku road. Communities that Surrounds Mmaku includes: Ugbo(Ogulugu) Obeagu, Mgbowo, Awgu, Mgbidi Ogugu and Achi.

Mmaku is divided into three autonomous Communities namely Agunese Mmaku, Mmaku Ugwu and Mmaku Agbo Autonomous Communities. Each autonomous community has an Igwe (King) who is the head and the main decision maker of the community and is being assisted by Ndi Ichie (Chiefs) who are the Kingmakers headed by the Onowu.



Just like many Communities in Awgu, Mmaku is marked by extensive hills. These hills have steep slopes and could attain an altitude of about 350–400 meters above sea level with mean slope angle of 15o and a modal class of 11o. The area is marked by sandstones and escarpment. Mmaku formation is composed of bluish and gray, well-bedded shales which are occasionally intercalated with calcareous sandstones and shelly limestone.

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Two history surrounds the existence of mmaku. the Anekemmadu legend and the Nri Migration story.

According to the legend of Anekemmadu: A hunter known as Anekemmad in one of his hunting expedition came to a land that was favourable to him and decided to live there with his wife Udumeogwee. His wife gave birth to three sons: Nnaka, now known as Achi, the first son; Ezianu, now known as Mmaku, the second son ; and Ogwunafor, now known as Agwu, the third son. The eldest, Achi-nnaka, decided to move to the north, while Mmaku-Eziani remained on his father’s land and Ogwunafor moved southward. The name Mmaku, meaning welcomer or embracer, came into existence when as a little boy Ezianu, due to his welcoming heart, embraced mmamu, a spirit in human form. From then on, the name was given to him in addition to his birth name. Mmaku-Ezianu, as he was now called, got married and had two sons, Mmaku-Ukwu and Mmaku-Nta. Mmaku-Nta in his turn had five sons: Enugu-Afam, Eziama, Mkpurumkpu, Awo, and Agboneri. Mmaku-Ukwu had seven sons: Amanato, Ezioha, Amegu, Enugu-Agu, Okwuluofia, Otokwu, and Ifite.

School In Mmaku

Mmaku High School. formally (Boys’ High School, Mmaku

Girls’ Secondary School Mmaku. formally (Girls High School, Mmaku)

Community Secondary School, Mmaku

St. Theresa Secondary School (Mmaku Catholic Centre)

Mmaku Girls Secondary School (Now known as Community Secondary School, Afam Mmaku)

Central School, Mmaku

Community (primary) School, Enugu-Mmaku,

Udechukwu Memorial School, Ifite,

Primary School, Otokwu

St. Theresa Nursery and Primary School (Mmaku Catholic Centre)

Community Primary School Affam Mmaku.

Community Primary School, Ifite Ndiagu

Tourist Sites/Attractions:

Mmaku is blessed with lots of Tourist attractions, the major being Ugwu U8 also know as Ekwe Eju a part of the famous Awgu range of hill, Isi Mmamu, the source of Mmamu river.

Nwekpu naturally environment which includes: Nwaekpu River, Nwaekpu Waterfalls. Nwaekpu Natural stone Bridge among others.

Omoo Spring in Afam-Mmaku

Ogba n’ aza oku (Echoing Cave)

Ogba Nwaude Nwaorji

Mmaku Afam WaterFall, Known As Obialu Ohuu.

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Hotels in Mmaku include:

Pat Benson’s Green Valley Suites

Maco Plaza Hotel

Village Gate

Nice & Cool Hotel

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