Dates For 2019 New Yam Festival Across Igbo Land

New Yam Festival is the most important event in the calendar of Igbo people all over the world.

Yams are the first crop to be harvested, and are the most important crop of the region. The New Yam Festival is therefore a celebration depicting the prominence of yam in the social-cultural life of Igbo people. The evening prior to the day of the festival, all old yams (from the previous year’s crop) are consumed or discarded. This is because it is believed that the New Year must begin with tasty, fresh yams instead of the old dried-up crops of the previous year.  The next day, only dishes of yam are served at the feast, as the festival is symbolic of the abundance of the produce.

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Though the style and methods may differ from one community to the next, the essential components that make up the festival remain the same. In some communities the celebration lasts a whole day, while in many places it may last a week or more. These festivities normally include a variety of entertainments and ceremony, including the performance of rites by the Igwe (King), or the eldest man, and cultural dances by Igbo men, women, and their children. The festival features Igbo cultural activities in the form of contemporary shows, masquerade dances, and fashion parades.

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1, Iri Ji Mbaise. 15th August

2. Afiaolu Nnewi

3 Otiti Anam, Iwaji Ananm.  25th August

3. Iri Ji Akpulu. 4th August

4. Iwa Ji Awgbu. 7th September

5. Iri ji Ozubulu. September-26

6. Iri Ji Osina. 4th August

7. Iri Ji Amanato. 28 August

8. Iri Ji  Achi in Oji River. October 15th

9. Iri Ji Akama oghe. 18 August

10. Iwa Ji Ihembosi. september 28

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11. Iri Ji Ozizza in Afikpo north 23 August

12. Ikeji Abagana. -3rd and 4th August

13 Ikeji Izuogu. 20th September

14. Iri Ji Iheme. 20th September

15. Iri Ji Agulu. August 31th

16. Iri Ji Awkuzu

17. Iri Ji Urualla 15th August
18. Iri Ji Akokwa. 31th,August
19. Iwa Ji. Isiokpo, 1st August
20 Iri ji Ezike, mbano 10th August
21. Iwa Ji Lomara ISUOCHI 18th of August
22. Iwa Ji Mbosi, September 15
23. Iri Ji Aguluezechukwu 31st of August
24. Iwa Ji Otute UFUMA.  9th -12th August
25. Iri Ji Uzii. 15th of August
26. Iba Ubu Uga 2019.  August 17
27. Iwa Ji Alor [Alor London] -3rd August
28. Iri Ji Oraukwu. 14 September
29. Iri Ji Awo Omamma 20 August
30. Nguzu edda. 23th August
31. Abatete August 17
32. Onicha-Ugbo September 28
33. Ihiala 15th September
34. Isuofia August 10th
35. Ibusa September  9th
36. Nanka August 18th
37. Ichi Anambra State 11th August
38. Okpotu atani 6th September
39. Adazi Ani. 24th of August
40. Ojoto. 8th to 10th August
41. Ekwulumili. 29th August
42. Abagana 1st Sunday in August 4th
43. Ogbunike 25th of August
44. Isiokpo first August
45. Agunese mmaku. 3rd of August
46. Ikeji mgbowo. 3rd of August
47. Nnobi. September 25-28
48. Awkaetiti. 3 August
49. Nimo owelle 3rd August.
50. Ntueke 23 August
51. Amichi. August 15th
52. Olokoro, umuahia south, 18th august
53. Ujaga Obinagu ishiagu ebonyi state. 12 August
54. Ovoko Akpurokwe 28th August
55. Obibi-Ochasiato August 30-31
56. Akpoho Afikpo north  3rd to 5th september
57. Abayi Amaugwu 1st September
58. Edda okeigbo 15th August
59. Awka Etiki 3rd August
60. Ekwulobia 4th September
61. Akpulu is on 5th
62. Obodoukwu is on 8th
63. Isuochi new yam festival 17 August
64. Izzi in ebonyi 15th August
65. Arondizuogu September 1st
66. Nkpa September 4th
67. Uzii August 14th
68. Amaruru 10th August

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