Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

When one speaks about the culture of a people, interest is in the art, food, music, language, and even the cultural dance forms.  Historic and traditional dance goes back hundreds and  thousands of years. In Nigeria, Dance is one of the best art forms for expression, Nigeria as a country with diverse culture is blessed with lots of musics and amazing dance steps, people dance in order to celebrate, commemorate or even to prepare for some ritual. Nigeria has varieties of folk and tribal dances in regions across the country performed as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise and these dances are sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.

Below are top top most common traditional dance among nigerians…

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1. Atilogwu Dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Atilogwu Dance is a traditionally spirited youth dance from the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria. Atilogwu is one of the most entertaining Igbo dance that focuses on vigorous body movement and often includes acrobatics flips, high jumps and so on.

2. Sharo Dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Sharo Dance is a popular traditional dance from the northern part of Nigeria mainly among the Fulani and Hausa people. Sharo dance is categorised as a Dance of Rite of Passage from adulthood into married life where the most fit man in the community takes the most beautiful lady in the community as his bride.

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3. Koroso dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

The Koroso dance is a traditional athletic dance popular among the northern nigerian ethnic group especially the Hausa and Fulani people. Koroso dance which has been performed for centuries took its name from rattling beads called Koroso, The Koroso dancers are usually adorned with colourful costumes wearing beads, bracelets and anklets.

4. Bata dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

The bata dance is the most popular entertaining traditional dance among the yoruba people of south western nigeria. The bata dance can be performed as a part of festival or dance performance or use to dethrone or enthrone a kind or at a cultural festival. Although the Bata dance has become a national dance, it is said to be a ritual dance move mostly performed among the sango worshipers.

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5. Nkwa Umu Agbogho:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Nkwa umuagbogho is a maiden dance performed mainly by young maidens from eastern part of Nigeria.  Although this maiden dance has many names depending on the community, Nkwa umuagbogho is more popular in Ebonyi state where the maiden dance got the name Ngwa umuagbogho dance group.

6. Ikpirikpi Ogu Dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Ikpirikpi ogu dance is a popular war dance performed in several parts of Eastern Nigeria. The dance which has its roots from Abia state is performed by a group of muscular men in commemoration of their strength in fighting and winning wars in the past.

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7. Gese dance:

Gese dance




Gese Dance is an ethnic Dance that has its source from the religious-ritual and social activities of the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria. Gese has a complex and multiarying features as played on the drums and realized aesthetically in its dance movement.

8. Swange dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

The Swange dance is a traditional dance routine performed by the Tiv people of Nigeria. Swange dance, often described as a boneless dance is purely a recreational dance move performed by men and women alike. The dance is characterized by fluid, contorted, and rhythmic movements.

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9. Ogene Dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Ogene dance  is a popular traditional energy dance from the northern part of Igbo land mainly in Enugu and Anambra. Although know as Egwu ogene(ogene dance). Ogene is not the only musical instrument that produces the melody that the ogene dancers dance to, other instruments that gives ogene music its melodious tone includes. Ogene, Oja/Opi, Igba/Abia, Oyo or Ichaka, Udu and sometimes Ekwe.

10. Ekombi dance:

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

Ekombi Dance is a traditional dance amongst the Efik people in Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria. The Ekombi dance movements are derived from the motions of the ocean. It is a graceful dance with incredible footwork. Ekombi shows a woman’s beauty and femininity, the dance is also a good platform to choose a partner for marriage.

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    Traditional dances in Nigeria are always so colorful and lively! All the dancers look like they are having so much fun! It would be nice to be able to watch these dances when I get the chance to visit Nigeria.

    • Zara okoduwa

      We would love to have you in a Nigerian and I’m just learning about this lmao

      • Darasimi

        Hello everyone my name is darasimi can I join your group please.

    • I already live in Nigeria and the life I live is fun but most parts of this country is corrupt but the dances are amazing

  • I love watching these dances and hearing the drum beats. So exciting and full of life!

  • As a Nigerian, I am aware of most of these dances but the Ogene dance. I’m just knowing about that. I thought it would be something ascribed to the Niger Deltans because of the name but to my surprise it’s the Igbos. Interesting post.

  • Loved this post have always had a fascination for native costumes going back to when I was little and that has moved on to culture as well

  • Subhashish Roy

    Thus was an awesome display of some great fun filled dance. Nigerian dance is famous but what I love most is the happiness it creates for those watching and enjoying.

  • This took me back so much! I wanted to see if Ekombi was a part of this…and frankly, it should’ve been in the top 3 because those northern dances were meh. I love watching Tiv dancers so much. They sure are flexible.

  • These dances are amazing! I love the colorful way they dress and how much happiness they have just doing them!

  • Melanie williams

    I am loving this. how much energy and spirit are in these dances. Loving all the videos for sure xx

  • I love learning dances from different cultures. I am not a professional dance nor I have ever taken any classes but I am good at following choreography and rhythm. Would love to learn these, they look so fun!

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  • This dances are inspirational. I love the fact that the dancers enjoy what their doing and also make the people watching amazed.

    • Michael

      Thanks the beauty of it all (happiness in both the veiwers and the dancers). You can see all this in full during Calabar canival.


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