Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

How many have you visited? Waterfalls are one of the most Amazing natures gift to men. In South Eastern Nigeria, there are lots of Fascinating and attractive waterfalls where one can go for relaxation, hangout, picnic etc. If you ever wish to visit waterfalls in the South East Below are some of the waterfalls you should checkout.

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Awhum Waterfall

The Awhum Waterfall is the most popular waterfalls among all the waterfalls in Enugu State. Located at Amaugwe village in Awhum, Udi LGA Enugu State. The Awhum Waterfall is formed out of a massive outcrop of granite rock with water flow at the top forming a stream… The majestic waterfall within the Awhum monastery in a most visit for every lover of nature and tourism.

A Trip To The Majestic Awhum Cave And Waterfall Enugu

Ogbaukwu Waterfall

Owerre Ezukala Waterfall also known as Ogba Ukwu waterfall is one of  the tallest waterfall in South-Eastern Nigeria. The Waterfalls presents one of the greatest natural tourist attractions in Anambra State. The Ogbaukwu waterfall over the years has become a top choice destination for tourists.

Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

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Ngwo Waterfall

Ngwo Waterfall is located in Ngwo Enugu State. This enchanting waterfall dropping down from a small opening at the roof of the Ngwo cave forming a shallow pool at the cave floor and flows out as a small stream has over the year became a top tourist destination in Enugu.

Ezeagu Waterfall

Ogbagada waterfall popularly know as Ezeagu waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Enugu, located within the Ezeagu tourist complex in Obinofia Ndiuno, the Ezeagu waterfall is at the lower end of the Okpoku Spring, a cold and worm spot within the Ogbagada river.

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Amanagwu Waterfall

Amanagwu Waterfall is located in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia state, Amanagwu waterfall is one of the many tourist attractions in Abia state and the most popular waterfall in the state.

Waterfalls in Nigeria

Iyi Nzu Waterfall

Iyi Nzu Waterfall is one of the most fascinating waterfall to visit in southeast Nigeria, Located in Ezimo, Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu state. Iyi Nzu waterfall is one of the tallest waterfall in the state although not as popular as that of Awhum, Ezeagu and Ngwo but the fall is a sight to behold.

Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

Orsu Waterfall

Orsu waterfall is one of the most majestic waterfalls in Awgu, located in Awgunta, Awgu LGA of Enugu State. The waterfall is located with a valley and surrounded by tree providing a perfect shelter for visitor to the fall.

Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

Iyi Uba Waterfall

Iyi Uba Waterfall is one of the many waterfalls in Enugu State. The Iyi Uba Waterfalls which is situated in obinagu town within a deep valley is surrounded by mini caves while the water source is inside one of the caves.

Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

Obialu Ohuu Waterfall

Obialu ohuu waterfall is one of the highest waterfall in Mmaku, located in Afam. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful rock formations and beautiful trees providing perfect shades for visitors to the area. The obialu ohuu waterfall is a place worthy of visit. when ever you explore Mmaku, make sure to visit the waterfall.

Opi Waterfall

Opi Waterfall is located in the town of opi in Nsukka, Enugu State, the Opi waterfall, also referred to as Uhere Waterfalls, is located within the opi cave. The opi waterfall is a perfect destination to nature lover and adventure seekers.

Top Ten Most Popular Waterfalls In South Eastern Nigeria

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