Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Abuja


Iya Oyo is arguably the most popular Amala joint in Abuja. This local bukka serves several local meals but are most known for their Amala.


Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Abuja

I have visited here a couple of times but decided to take pictures on this day. A few things you must know….

1).The queue here is out of this world, starts from the entrance, sometimes it stretches to the car park.

2)Amala cost 100 naira per mould, assorted meats also cost 100 naira each.

Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Abuja

3). They have huge car park to accommodate their crowd.

4). You’re likely to find a husband/wife material here, Yes a friend of mine met her husband here.

I sure enjoyed my amala paired with Ewedu and Gbegiri. The “Orishirishi” meats were very soft so was the ponmo but I must say they are very stingy with their soup portion.

Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Abuja

Have you visited this bukka? Did you enjoy it?

? 112 Idris Gidado St, Wuye

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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