What’s your favorite place to buy bread

My Abuja people, what’s your favorite place to buy bread?

Here’s mine in order of preference
1. Grand Square
This is my favorite. Y’all if it ain’t Grand Square, then I don’t want it. This bread is easily accessible across Abuja and is probably one of the few that has remained consistent over the years, y’all know how rare that is in Nigeria 😫

2. The original loaf from 4U Supermarket/Amigo (pictured)
I love that this bread has salt as opposed to the sugary ones we’re used to in Nigeria. This bread is crunchy on the outside and very soft inside which makes it perfect for sandwiches!

I’ve tried this bread just once but the taste is still fresh in my mind! It was so soft and so sweet, almost like cake!

4. The Family Loaf from Spar_nigeria
Back in the day it used to be so good and cost effective too. However I noticed a change or should I say a reduction in quality the last time I tried it.

Other places to buy bread that I’ve heard of include:

5. Next
I’m not a fan though. There’s this sweet aftertaste that I do not like

6. Uncledsrestaurant
I’m yet to try it but a few years ago I heard a lot of good things about this one. I do hope to try it out one of these days.

Over to you, I’d love to know your favorite place to buy bread so I can try it out


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