4 Things To Do At Habitat Garden, Garki Abuja


Habitat Garden is a “gardenless” garden located in Garki, they have several food spots here making it one of my favorite places in Abuja. Now here are for things your can do here.

Habitat Point Garden

1). You can order Arabian tea from their Arabian spot, I dare say it’s the best Arabian tea I’ve ever had in Abuja, I have tried many. Cost 1,000 for small jug.

2) Habitat Amala which is my top Amala spot right now in Abuja is here. Very delicious and their space is very clean. Their amala is affordable too.

3). There’s an igbo kitchen, where you can order Nkwobi, Isi Ewu and Abacha. I must say their Nkwobi was very nice , I didn’t feel the Isi Ewu here because the meat almost removed my teeth but their Abacha and Nkwobi were really nice.
#4). They have a fish spot at the entrance where they selll roasted cat fish and round fish. Very delicious. Prices are from 2k.

Best to go with friends and family.

Ever visited? What’s your best spot at this garden?

Habitat Point Garden

????Habitat Point Garden. Near Garki international market back gate. Garki

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