Food Shack Restaurant, Lagos

Food Shack restaurant is located on Victoria Island. Your go-to restaurant for anything barbecue/grills.

The ambiance is a mix of nature/minimalist design. The atrium is peaceful and beautifully decorated, great for casual hangouts, and small get-togethers as it’s a small space. Also, a cozy place to study/work on your projects (early hours of the day tho). 8/10

Food Shack Restaurant, Lagos

Customer service is 4/10. Although the staff are friendly the waiting time was extremely long, close to 45 minutes even for the drinks! When the drinks came I was wondering what took them so long as the Pina colada was just Chi exotic in a glass cup.

Pina colada was 3k on the menu and was charged 4k, I was so pissed cos I was served Chi-Exotic as pina colada, their lame excuse was it’s under cocktail not mocktail on their system, I don’t even get it when there is no ounce of alcohol in it.

I will advise you don’t go there starving as long processing time has been the usual complaints I’ve gotten from people I recommended the place to.

Food Shack Restaurant, Lagos

There was also no physical menu as I was told to use IG to check their menu. In my mind, I was like “Ahnahn, what if I don’t have data or your guest doesn’t have a Nigeria sim to access the Internet?”. Hopefully, they’ve worked on that.

One other thing that is still baffling is when I asked for ketchup or chili sauce to eat my stir-fried rice with as it was really dry and was told it will attract extra cost, I was charged 500 for a very tiny container of sauce!!! In all my life of visiting restaurants (I can tell you I’ve been to a lot!) I have never been charged for small chili pepper to eat my meals with. This was the first.

Food Shack Restaurant, Lagos

Also charged 550 for foil to take out my leftover?. I still don’t get why restaurants make us pay for take-away packs. It should be an additional service. I love the fact they pack your leftovers in your presence.

For the food, 8/10. The ribs and wings were so tender a toothless person will enjoy it. Dirty fries are just fries fried with red oil but trust me, it’s still yummy.

Food Shack Restaurant, Lagos


What I had:
Shack wings and Ribs combo N8500
Sweet and Spicy BBQ Jollof Rice N3900
Pina colada N4000
Chapman N3500
Chili sauce N500
Additional Tax 10%

written By: Faithreviews


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