Arabian Tea Spots in Abuja

There are lots of Arabian tea lovers in Abuja. When I visit these places, they are always full of people ordering Arabian Tea.

Here four awesome tea spots to try in Abuja:

1. Metropolitan Park(behind H-Medix Gimbiya Street) Area 11. The Arabian tea here is one of the best! It’s no wonder it’s always crowded. The tea here is from N1000- N1500. This place also has a dope fish spot called Zellionfishmeal and many other places where they have suya, masa, Calabar kitchen etc

2. Tensannosh : This was the first place I tried this tea when they opened last year. It was awesome here and I loved it. It’s N1000 here.

3. Ultimate Mall(In front of todays Bukka Wuse 2): A lot of people have given amazing reviews when we previously posted about this place. It’s no wonder it’s always full. Tea here is N1000.

4. Floris Garden: Last but not least, the tea spot at Floris Garden is a dope spot too. Here the lime/lemon is already inside the tea. You’ll have to tell them in case you don’t like that. It’s N1000- N1300 here.

Are there other dope Arabian Tea spots? Plug us in the comment section. If you’ve been to any of these places, do share your experiences.

Do tag hotperidot when you visit.


6 thoughts on “Arabian Tea Spots in Abuja

  • Also check HERBAL TEA& GRILLS by LASHNA.
    They have about 5 spots in Lugbe and also has Franchise with few spots in Town.
    They have varieties of Teas which works for different ailments i.e Arabian chai, Hibiscus Chai, Lashna Bitters etc and their Tea is unique infact, they are the best in the whole Lugbe and sure in the whole Abuja.


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