Centenary City Abuja


We’ve always wondered what goes on at Centenarycity located at the top of a hill on airport road. We finally found out, a short while ago when we attended a paint and sip there organized by

Centenarycity is a huge real estate project in our city. This location is actually the sales office. The view is absolutely stunning btw. Centenary City is set to be Nigeria’s Smart City. The project is to have luxury apartments, parks, shopping centers, hospitals and so much more. Again the project is huge and no where near completion.


However, the housing project, the Groove is already under construction. We got to see a sample of one of their chalets, it’s beautiful.

We looking forward to seeing the progress of this project, it’s an exciting one. If you’d like more info on this project you may access the link on their profile.

Btw holds these paint and sip sessions from time to time, you can follow them to be updated.

LOCATION: Centenary City Sales Office Airport Road Abuja

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