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WOKS AND KOI Woksandkoi

Work And Koi

For those who don’t know Woks and Koi, it is one of the oldest Abuja Chinese restaurant with a very wide menu. They opened their new space recently in Wuse 2.

The new space has an “elegant dinning” vibe. I loved the subtle infusion of Chinese elements. The hints of red dropy lights blended well with the minimalist color palette of the entire space.

We tried out some of their meals.

Work And Koi

Work And Koi

1).Chicken with broccoli: 5800
2).BBQ Chicken wings 4000
3).Sweet and Sour pork 4800
4). Singapore noodles 4500
5)Pork spare ribs with vegggies ( hot plate) 4800
6).Fried calamari
7). Chicken in Corn soup 2000
8. Seafood with veggies, mushrooms and been noodles. (Hot pot)6500
9).Woks and Koi special fried rice.
10). Zombie Cocktails 4000

Work And Koi

Work And Koi

I have no complains whatsoever with the food, every dish was a hit, However my top favorites were the Seafood Hotpot, special fried rice and fried calamari. They were so so good. Portions are great too.

Customer service was also great, hopefully it stays that way. Prices are fair considering the quality of food served.

I’ll definitely recommend this restaurant for group dinning, family hangout and business meetings. Make sure to order different meals and share, to get a variety of their meals.

Work And Koi

Work And Koi

Feel free to tag us when you visit. Save this post if you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant.

?18 Durban street, off Adetokunbo Ademola street. Wuse 2. Woksandkoi

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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