Dinning Like The Tiv At Coco Loco Restaurant

Dinning like the Tiv’s at Coco_locorestaurant. This is a new restaurant from Jos, that offers affordable local delicacies. I was invited to this restaurant last month before their official opening on the 1st of May. Check out previous posts for the first review post ?

Dinning Like The Tiv’s At Coco Loco Restaurant

Turkey and Fries – N3,500
Pounded Yam + Dry Fish Tiv Style (4 soups) – N2,000
Porridge Goat – N1,500
Bushmeat – N2,500

Ginger Me (Mocktail) N1,500
Surprise Me (Cocktail) N2,500

Dinning Like The Tiv’s At Coco Loco Restaurant

Top favorite was the Porridge Goat! It was well seasoned the yam was not too soft but just right. The scent leaf was also very fresh and evident. The pounded yam was amazing, smooth and tasty, shout out to the people who pounded o.

The turkey was also well-seasoned. The vegetable stir-fry definitely elevated the potato fries that was served in this dish. We also had bushmeat which was nice. This restaurant also has other food options like Grilled Fish, Shawarma etc

Location: Rockville Park, Life Camp. Landmark Stella Maris or Ojuelgba

I know a lot of you have visited since my first review, how was it? What did you have?

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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