The Pancake Hub, Lagos

Located on the mainland (Yaba), Pancake hub is my go-to when I want to enjoy homemade pancakes. I’ve been to Pancake hub so often that I think I deserve an award. Anyways it’s time for the gist!

The food: I’m a big fan of home made original pancakes ? and this is exactly what their pancakes taste like. They’re fluffy, scrumptious and definitely filling! Their meat balls are juicy and you can literally taste the seasoning, a bit spicy too! The chicken was too hard for my preference as I prefer tender chicken, the flavouring on the chicken was fair, but again not ? for me as I belong to the category of believers in marinating chicken so the spices are well infused. Butttt, for the price it isn’t bad at all! ?

The Pancake Hub, Lagos

The Drinks: The hot chocolate was lovely, I kept wondering if it was made with Milo, Bournvita or Holicks. I also enjoyed the lemonade from Wilsonslemonade , y’all already know my stance on this ?.

The Space: It’s quaint and old fashioned, definitely not instagrammable and I honestly feel they can do some upgrade work and pimp it up. It’s like a tough diamond with potential, they do deliver but if you are into restaurant aesthetics then I’ll recommend ordering in enjoying the meal. It’s an open air space with flowers and plants around.

The Pancake Hub, Lagos

The service: On this they are doing well! They are very friendly and whenever I visit, I’m always asked to give feedback on the meal. The wait time was about 20 minutes or less.

Both food and drinks cost N6,600 and it comfortably fills two tummies up! If you are looking for an affordable spot for breakfast on the mainland, I present to you Oancakehub ?

Have you been to Pancakehub before? Did you enjoy the experience???

Ps: They have pancakes combos from N1500 and during my visit I had the full breakfast combo.

Written By: Bellaexplores


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