kapadoccia: The Cave Restaurant, Abuja


kapadoccia The Cave Restaurant, Abuja

Kapadoccia_abuja is a cave restaurant that recently opened up in Abuja. I was at a food tasting there last week so let’s talk about the food.

The ambiance of this space is like non I’ve ever seen in Abuja or even Nigeria! I mean a restaurant in a cave, who would have thought! The idea of this space was inspired by the cave city called Capadoccia in Turkey!

The space is quite cozy and the lighting slightly dim but not too dark. It gives off this lounge vibe or better still have you been in a cave before ?, that’s the vibe!

The restaurant offers a fine dinning experience of Intercontinental and African Cuisine. We tried several dishes which I believe needed some slight touch ups here and there. However some dishes did stand out and I also felt the fish components of most dishes were the highlights.

kapadoccia The Cave Restaurant, Abuja

Chakalaka with Grilled Salmon
Yakitori Chicken with Juice Mayo Sauce
Beef Fillet and Potato Terrine
Risotto with Giwan Ruwan (fish)
Garlic Bread
Cheesecake with Strawberry Chocolate Pudding with Kununtsamia Ice Cream

kapadoccia The Cave Restaurant, Abuja

The top favorites for me was the Yakitori Chicken, I absolutely loved the seasoning of the chicken and paired with the sauce, it was amazing! I also enjoyed the fish components of every dish especially the Giwan Ruwan. As for the desserts, the chocolate pudding with the Kunu ice cream was so tasty. Loved the fusion of the Nigerian staple in this dish too. I did not like the garlic bread though, it was dry and not garlicky enough. Now the drinks, I felt they were okay, none stood out for me.

kapadoccia The Cave Restaurant, Abuja

For prices of this restaurant, think fine dinning, it’s not inexpensive, please come prepared. Do check out Nkechisreviews recent post for more details on the pricing and her thoughts on the food too

Kapadoccia_abuja is located on Kinda Street Wuse 2, they are currently only open for reservations, check out their page for a booking number

What do you think of the food/ menu? Have you been yet?

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