The Pasha Restaurant: Best Places To Eat Lebanese Food In Abuja

I have been seeing pictures of this place all over Instagram, I absolutely loved that it looked like an escape into a different country, so the ambiance took me there. However that’s it, the food well…let’s talk about it

Thepasha.abuja is a Lebanese Restaurant. As I said the ambiance made me visit, there are a good number of instagramable spots there. Now as for the decor indoor, am I the only one that is slightly creeped out? I can’t put my finger on it but there’s just something uncomfortable about the decor and atmosphere.

The menu was a little bit confusing as I’m not familiar with Lebanese food. Pictures of the food would have been a nice touch, that way one knows what exactly you are ordering. They did have other options like pasta, pizza, burgers etc but I was unsure. Also this place is not exactly affordable per say, a bottle of water is sold at N700 ??‍♀️

We ordered:
Chapman N1,000
Fried Chicken Wings N2,000
Coke N800
Hommos Special N1,950
Small Water N500
Total 7,344 (inclusive of vat & service charge )

The Chapman was honestly quite sweet and had an off aftertaste. As for the chicken wings, my date thought “it tasted like akara”. I didn’t mind it though, I mean it’s hard to go completely wrong with chicken

Now for the hommos, it’s been a long while since I’ve had this, so I honestly can’t remember how it should taste. But I really didn’t like it. I also expected the pita bread to be softer and not so dry.

Our attendant, an elderly man, appeared swamped as he was the only one attending to us. He kept forgetting little things like the straw and ice for our drink and water. It was a Saturday evening when we visited but it appeared to be a slow night. Although, I have to give it to them for not stressing us, we took a ton of pictures and yet there was no complaint.

Overall, it’s a beautiful space! I love the vibe of the outdoor area, it’s almost like an escape from Abuja. Would I visit again? Maybe, mostly for the pictures though.

Ever been to Thepasha.abuja ? What was your experience like? What did you order?

Location: 11 Cassandra Street, off Usuma Street, Maitama Abuja

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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