Ihuezi Tourist Attractions In Obunofia Ezeagu, Enugu State

Yesterday I took a trip to Obunofia, This community is no stranger to tourist and nature lovers as it is the most visited Destination in the entire south East due to the famous Ogbagada popularly referred to as Ezeagu Waterfall. Aside from the waterfall, not many People knows about the other attractions that makes this Community a tourist haven. Stay with me as I share with you some of the beautiful attractions in Ihuezi Obinofia..

I first visited this Community in 2018 but unfortunately I lost almost all the pictures I took then but that wasn’t the reason why I went back.. When I first explored the Ihuezi Cave I couldn’t see the end and ever since then I have always wanted to visit again.. So yesterday I finally did. I took a bike from Obinofia Ndiuno junction and told told the bike guy to take me to three places..

1. Iheneke Lakes

2. Ogbagada Spring and waterfall.

And 3. Ihuezi Cave (Ezeagu Cave) he told me he doesn’t know where the cave is located but I know it’s within that waterfall axis but don’t know if I will still locate it and his price again was much so I told him to take me to Iheneke Lake and Ogbagada Waterfall instead. We agreed on a price and headed for the lake. The topography of the community is simply breathtaking, on getting to the entrance of the Lake which is located inside a Songhai farm in Obinofia, We met only two persons at the gate and he asked where we are going to I told him I want to go to the lake, he said which one. I said Iheneke. he said they are all Iheneke. I told him the one inside the farm, This was my first time of entering the farm and mehn that place is simply breathtaking, this is supposed to be an ideal Agritourism Destination but sadly it looked abandoned but for security to the there that means they still know that the place exists…

Well, the security man told us to go straight in, so we went in but the bike guy refused going any further so I left him and walked down the lake, while I was taking pictures he joined me and the first thing he said to me was “What if your camera disappears” I smiled and asked him why will it disappear? He said, Imakwa Mmiri bu ihea? Anyway, after taking pictures of the place we left for Ogbagada, I didn’t snap the farm as that wasn’t where my interest is. At the gate, the security man asked if I was done I said yes, gave him small change to drink water and he said if he had known I was a tourist he would have asked the other man with him to take me round the lake with his canoe and asked me to visit again. When we got to Ogbagada the bike guy told me our contracts has ended, I knew I was going to take time exploring the cave so I paid him off.. I went round Ogbagada taking pictures… Not so much has changed but the community are trying to build something around the waterfall.. Like walkway, bridge for easy crossing of the stream and shelters..

After takes pictures and exploring the the Waterfall environment I went back to the community to look for someone to take me to the Cave, but didn’t see any.. meet some women who directed to to one Ifeanyi but didn’t see him, apparently most of them went for burial.

Couldn’t go back without exploring the cave as it was my main reason of coming to the community so I went house to house looking for someone to take me to the cave, the first person I met said I was going to pay him 3k the second person said he doesn’t know where the cave is Located so I kept searching till I got to Mr Chukwuma’s house, I told him I want him to take me to the cave and he accepted but not for free though.. He went and changed and we headed for the cave.. I told him I want to see where the cave ended and he said it’s not possible that I don’t have the mind.. I said fine but lets keep going, we got to the cave and I gave him my touch light since he didn’t come with any while I used my phone light.. Not long after we went inside the cave he said I should follow the second entrance and come out let’s go..

Go Kwa? Ebe akwobeghi beans akwo? I didn’t tell you I came to see the cave I told you I came to explore the cave. I told him if he was afraid he should stay there and wait for me but he kept bugging me. I ignored him and followed one of the tunnels till a got to this big chamber with lots of bats, also saw an alligator lizard there but the tunnel seemed like a dead end. There were two Tunnels there but it couldn’t enter me as they were small.. I went back and followed another Tunnel, we kept going until we got to another big chamber, there were four other Tunnel there, one was the one we came in through and the other three leads to different directions.. I followed one of the tunnels and Mr Chukwuma got angry and started shouting, the man change am for me oo…

Saying we will get lost in there if he continue following me so I came back and told him to relax that I will make that place my last Destination but first, I have to check out the other two Tunnels but if they are too deep I will come back, I followed one of the tunnel till i got to the end… I went through the other one which leads out of the cave somehow but I wasn’t sure where it connects to but there was a stream inside there and am sure it flows to somewhere but the exit couldn’t enter me, I wanted to follow the stream and see where it drains to but unfortunately I couldn’t.. So we went out and followed another Tunnel that connects to the second entrance to the cave.. That one has the biggest chamber with a vent and seems to harbour the largest colony of bats, from there I made my way out of the cave.. Took some pictures and we left. Mr Chukwuma was surprised he went in there with me and said I was crazy but am just a curious person that loves nature and adventure. How can such a beauty be left unexplored?

There are lots of things to do in this Community, the attractions goes beyond the waterfall, you can explore the cave, visit the green Iheneke Lakes, take a walk round the waterside, explore the wildlife environment, hike the hills and enjoy the beautiful view of the community.



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